5 Useful Tips To Crack EKT 1 2017 Exam

As  per EKT Syllabus General engineering part is based on the topics that are common to multiple branches of engineering. Whereas, specialised part is based on the knowledge of the discipline of the candidate’s degree.  These disciplines are Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering and Computer Engineering.


5 Useful Tips To Crack EKT 1 2017 Exam

  1. EKT is not a very difficult test; all it requires is thorough understanding of basics. So brush up and revise your basics nicely. Do not leave any portion untouched. The right time to begin your preparations for EKT is now. The syllabus for EKT is pretty huge and of course you can’t prepare in a day. So the right time to prepare for EKT is now. Don’t waste time and start gathering your resources.
  2. Speed is important in EKT so don’t get struck on any particular question for long. With the huge amount of people in the past who have passed AFCAT but failed in EKT, it is understandable that the test can be hard. However, it is trickier than hard. The key to success here is practice. Hence practice every day, without fail.
  3. When you are studying for EKT make sure you are referring to a reliable material. Study materials only from authorized and recognized sources. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your time, studying things which you don’t need to, and missing those which you need to. SSBCrack Exams is one such source you can refer. Do topic wise studies, i.e. decide and plan out that which portions you have to cover in a day. Stick to your plan and do complete the portion you have set for that day. In this way you’ll be able to cover maximum of the topics.
  4. Do see the previous year’s papers and other model papers to get an idea on the types of questions. This will also help you to practice the maximum of them. Links to previous year question papers
    1. EKT 1 2015 Mechanical question paper
    2. EKT 1 2015 Question Paper Electrical And Electronics
    3. EKT Computer Science 1 2015
    4. AFCAT 2014 2 EKT Mechanical Paper
    5. EKT 2014 2 Electrical And Electronic paper
    6. EKT 2 2015 Mechanical question paper
    7. EKT 2 2015 Computer Science question paper
    8. EKT 2 2015 EEE/ECE Question Paper
  5. Brush up basics: In EKT most of the questions are based on basics and base level of engineering concepts. If you refer to your first year study material a lot of things will be found (It is an entirely different thing that engineers never study, somehow, nobody can understand how they pass, so quite unlikely for you to have those materials). Clearing up basics will take you and help you in a long run.Mostly EKT is attempted by working professionals and Final year student, having already a lot of priorities, so it requires a lot of efforts and dedication to prepare for it.

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