Can You Get Your AFCAT Answer Sheet Under RTI?

Since the AFCAT exam turned online from offline mode, after every AFCAT result many candidates report dissatisfaction with the AFCAT marks that they have scored. Some candidates report an error with the online test portal of CDAC and say glitches in it causes the error with their result as they were expecting more marks. After AFCAT 2 2020 result was declared, many candidates are reaching us and asking how they can get their AFCAT exam rechecked as they are not satisfied with their marks. Here are a few things we need to know first:

  • Since AFCAT went online, the whole testing process is taken care by CDAC also known as Centre for Development of Advanced Computing. CDAC conducts many other competitive exams too. CDAC conducts AFCAT online exam on behalf of the Indian Air Force. Earlier, when the AFCAT was an offline exam (OMR based), IAF used to conduct it by themselves after managing tons of other exam related things, now they have handed over the testing process to CDAC.
  • Even the registration portal for AFCAT i.e. AFCAT CDAC website is handled by CDAC only. So, the whole process from AFCAT registration till conducting the AFCAT online exam is the responsibility of CDAC, IAF does look into this whole process that is handled by the CDAC and they also have AFCAT C-DAC Cell.

Can I Check my AFCAT Answer Sheet under RTI Act 2005?

  • Many candidates who are not satisfied with their AFCAT marks are suggested to get their answer sheet under RTI act 2005.
  • As per this act, every Indian citizen has the right to information, especially when it comes to your career, you can seek information regarding your answer sheet under this act.

Below we have prepared a document for the AFCAT RTI that aspirants can use to check their AFCAT answer sheet under RTI Act 2005.

RTI Response from IAF

Reaction of unsatisfied AFCAT candidates:

You can read all comments here: Click Here

One should keep in mind that there is nothing mentioned officially about rechecking your AFCAT marks, applying for recorrection or getting a copy of your answer sheet. Candidates who reached us are also suggested to contact the Disha Cell, AFCAT cell and AFCAT CDAC Cell as mentioned below:


(For queries/ clarifications regarding eligibility, advertisement, submission of documents after recommendation/medical, merit list and joining instructions)

  • Address – Air Headquarters (Vayu Bhawan), Motilal Nehru Marg, New Delhi – 110106
  • Toll Free no. 1800-11-2448,
    Tele: 011 – 23013690 (Direct), 23010231 Extn 7610, 7645, 7646.
    Fax – 011 – 23017918
  • E- Mail :
  • Tele Timings: 9 am – 1 pm & 2 pm – 5 pm ( Monday to Friday, except holidays)


(For queries/ clarifications regarding scheme & syllabus of AFCAT)

  • Address – Director of Education, West Block – VI, Air HQs(RKP), RK Puram, New Delhi – 110066
  • Tele: 011 – 23010231 Extn:2112- 6245, 6246
  • E– Mail: 
  • Tele Timings: 9 am – 1 pm & 2 pm – 5 pm ( Monday to Friday, except holidays)


(For queries/ clarifications regarding registration/ application for online AFCAT, payment issues, admit card and AFCAT centres)

  • Tele: 020 – 25503105, 06
  • Toll Free no. 1800-11-2448
  • E- Mail 
  • Tele Timings: 9 am – 1 pm & 2 pm – 5 pm ( Monday to Friday, except holidays)


  1. Sahil

    Hello I have given my Afcat on 4th oct 2020 I am not satisfied with the results. Expecting to get 185+ also have prepared for it by giving mock test where I never scored below 170. This time I couldn't clear the cut off and got 130 only.i was pretty sure ti crack it.Filing the RTI for same
  2. Aniket

    Afcat ka result again aane k chance hai Kya is baar

    I also attempt 75question and i m damm sure I score 175+ but it i got only 152 marks i m not satisfied with this . My reporting time of afact 2 2020 examination in 1st shift 5th of oct. 2020.
  4. Rohit

    I was expecting 300 but got less than 300 😭😭😭
    1. Chandresh

      I have given exam on 3 oct 2020 many of friends attempted only 60 questions and got cleared And i attempted 65-70 and expecting around 160+ . There is something technical problem happen . But im not satisfied with results
  5. pranoy bakchi

    i was expecting 240 marks since i attempted 80 questions but got only 300 ... must've been a t ch glitch
  6. nisha

    do you send email?
  7. Rohan

    I am a student of IIT Bombay and a GATE topper. I got 7 marks in my EKT ( Mech ) ( 2nd shift , 3rd October ). Previously I have got around 90 marks in EKT and this time I was expecting 100+ marks. Definitely a technical glitch.
  8. Shivam Paliwal

    I have attempted 82 questions ,hardly there were 7-8 questions wrong..I was expecting 205+ score but even didn't clear cut off only get 144 marks last 3 attempting i was getting 200+ marks ..but this time it was shocking ...
  9. Harish sihag

    I am also not satisfied
  10. Rajesh

    Hi this was my last attempt and have attempted 74 and i was expecting 180+ but my score was 105, i have even checked with discussion session and i was sure about this attempt but looking at the results I'm sure there should be some technical glitch or some issues with the AFCAT CELL and the same has been mailed to and As this was my last attempt i request to help me out with any possible ways to get justice.
  11. Hema chamoli

    Yes there is something wrong because most of the students got similar marks .
  12. Prashansha

    Hi, although I'm satisfied with my result, but one of my close friends gave the exam on 5th October, said he only attempted 60 questions, but got 206, he himself was shocked with his results. There is some glitch for sure.
  13. Ambika singh

    This is my 4th attempt and this time i prepared alot compared to previous attempts. Hardly 10 questions wld hv gone wrong but the results are unexpected too low.Just got 144 whereas i was expecting ard 180
  14. Ankita

    Yes I am also not satisfied with my result
  15. Karan phogat

    I also have scored 170+ definitely,but the result is showing 120 only, i think there is a glitch this time in this online exam.
    1. Gurmeet singh

      I was expecting 200+ but my score is 145 it is totally unexpected
    2. Sahwaz khan

      You can file rti easly by online medium at a expenditure of only ten rupees only i did and you all should do it for your right
      1. nisha

        How you send the money??
      2. kritika

        which public authority to choose while filling and RTI??

    Sir, can you update this article with 'how to file this RTI online at'? Which department to select and what is the process?
    1. Sahwaz khan

      Centre for Development of Advanced Computing I did that it costs 10 rupees only

    I was sure of getting somewere around 200 and I attempted 77 questions and anyhow atleast 180+ was my idea.I cleared this exam before without much preparation. Since there was lockdown and all preparation was done to the full extent.I had also done a lot of mock test from testbook and gradeup and always the marks were greater than 170 it reached 199 but this this time I hadn't even cleared the cutoff.I had exam on OCTOBER 3rd 2nd shift.Trust me there was some mistake in evaluation for exam held on OCTOBER 3rd.

      Same here, October 3 second shift, expected 197 got 154, questions attempted 76
      1. Shreya Shree

        I had attempted 64 questions out of which only 1 question was wrong and l did not took any risk of doing guess work because it was my second attempt and l prepared well this time still my score is 132 and l expected 180+
        1. Sahwaz khan

          File a RTI and get your answers key easly online through rtionline .com Under public athority section you have to search Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
          1. nisha

            how to pay the money?
    2. Pranjul

      I was expecting 190+ but my score is low. I don't where I had made mistake. I am dissatisfied with results. I think there is some fraud or they are very careless about students future

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