All about Hawk Air Defence Equipment

A few days back USA told that it is considering rejuvenating and retrieving old HAWK air defence equipment and sending these defence system to Ukraine which is in now a 10-month brawl with Russia and to protect itself from the Russian drone-fired and cruise missiles.

Hawk Air Defence Equipment

Earlier the USA sent the Stingers which is an anti-aircraft shoulder-fired guns that proved to be a great success in stopping Russian air assaults. Now the USA has spent over $17 billion worth of security assistance to Ukraine since Russia started invading Ukraine.

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HAWK Missile System

HAWK which is the short form of (Homing All the Way Killer), is a medium-range surface-to-air missile manufactured in the United States. It is fully known as Raytheon MIM-23 HAWK. It was created as a considerably more portable alternative to the MIM-14 Nike Hercules sacrificing range and altitude capability for significantly lower size and weight. The addition of new radars and continuous wave semi-active radar homing guidance technology significantly increased its low-level performance compared to Nike. In 1959, the US Army began using it in combat.

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By 1994, Hawk had been replaced in US Army service by the MIM-104 Patriot. The US Marine Corps was the final US customer, and they switched to the man-portable, short-range FIM-92 Stinger in 2002. The missile was also made outside of the US in Western Europe, Japan, and Iran. Although the US never used the Hawk in battle, other countries have used it a lot. There were made about 40,000 of the missiles.

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Improved HAWK or I-HAWK

The Improved Hawk, also known as I-Hawk, had a significant development effort in 1971, making numerous modifications to the missile and installing new models of all the radar systems. Over the course of the following 20 years, advancements were made, including a better ECCM, a potential home-on-jam capability, and, in 1995, a new warhead that enabled it to be used against short-range tactical missiles.

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A Question for you!

What is THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Defense), which was in news recently?

  • An American anti-missile system
  • An Israeli radar system
  • A security MOU between Japan and USA
  • India’s missile program

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