Meet Indian Army First Woman Paratrooper and Surgeon: Lt Col J Farida Rehana

With a rich history and unsurpassed gallantry, the Indian Army is a symbol of power and patriotism. The Indian Army, which was traditionally the realm of men, has recently seen a dramatic transition with the introduction of women in its ranks. Women in the Indian Army have forged a path of strength, endurance, and unwavering dedication, breaking down gender barriers and shattering stereotypes. These groundbreaking steps not only mark a significant milestone in the nation’s military landscape but also illustrate the tenacity of Indian women. In this post, we will learn about Lt Col J Farida Rehana, the Indian Army’s first female paratrooper and surgeon.

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Lt Col Josyula Farida Rehana

Lt Col Rehana was born in Mysore in 1940. She earned her MBBS with honours and a gold medal in Surgery from Mysore Medical College. She joined the Indian Army in 1964 in response to a request for mobilisation following a dismal performance in the 1962 conflict.

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When Lt Col Josyula Farida Rehana applied to join the Indian Army’s elite Parachute Regiment as a paratrooper, she was told to forget about it. “I was told flatly that I would not be allowed to join the force because I am a woman.” “In fact, even though I made the cut, my application was rejected twice,” recalls Lt Col Rehana. Lt Col Rehana went on to work in the medical wing after being granted permission to submit her application. She eventually became the first woman to serve in the elite Parachute Regiment.

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Life in the Army

Lt Col Rehana became the first Paratrooper in the Indian Army in 1966, completing almost 1,000 jumps and one free-fall leap throughout her 21-year career, which included 12 years in the para unit. Because women are not permitted to fight in combat, she was at the forefront of the 1971 Indo-Pak conflict in a medical role. In September 1966, she qualified as a parachutist after joining the exclusive 60 Para Field Hospital, the only medical unit to participate in the Korean War as peacekeepers. She took part in the 1971 War (Op Cactus Lily) on both the eastern and western fronts, doing medical operations with 60 Para.

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Lived a Life Less Ordinary

When she looks at the women who have joined the military today, she recalls her own challenges. “When I meet the women in the force, I feel good.” They have better facilities and assistance, but I can attest to some really enjoyable time spent,” she concludes. She was awarded the Poorvi and Paschimi Star. The first lady to be awarded the ‘Gen Choudhary’s Trophy’ in 34 MOSC and honoured with the INDIAN WOMEN ACHIEVERS AWARD by the President of India on January 20, 2018, at New Delhi

Meet Indian Army First Woman Paratrooper and Surgeon Lt Col J Farida Rehana 2 1
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