All About Interpol: The International Criminal Police Organization

India achieves its victory in global diplomacy on Nov 25 2021 by electing the CBI director into the executive committee of Interpol.

INTERPOL stands for international criminal police organization, is an international organization that facilitates the crime control of the whole world. Its headquarters is in France and it is the world’s largest police organisation that has 7 regional bureaus in its 195 member states.


195 member countries connected through a secure network

Till the 19 century at the international level, the cooperation between police organizations of different nations was on an Ad Hoc basis formed for a specific goal only. In 1851 the police union of German states was formed and all the German-speaking nations took part in it. Similarly, the anti-anarchist conference brought together 21 European countries on one platform to take action against the international anarchist movement. But with the increasing globalization including travel and trade, there was a big requirement to have a body that operates on a universal level. To tackle this international criminal police was hosted in Monaco to tackle criminal enterprise and fugitives, 24 nations participated and laid down 12 principles and priorities which became a foundation of Interpol. After so many reformations, finally, this organization was formed on 7 Sept 1943 in Austria.


Operating model

It has two major articles, according to the article, Interpol will promote mutual assistance among all the criminal police authorities as per UDHR and the local laws of different countries and operate to suppress crimes in the world. As per article 3, it can not interfere in any political, military, religious, or racial matters. The general assembly is the supreme governing body that comprises all the members of various countries. The general assembly takes decisions in the form of resolutions where each country is assigned a vote. The assembly elects the executive committee and President. It has 13 members – 1 President elected for 4 years, 3  vice presidents, and 9 delegates elected for 3 years.


Name and logo

No agent of Interpol has arresting power, Interpol works as a network among law enforcement agencies of different countries, it works as administration of the world by creating a channel between the laws of different companies. Its importance is felt when agencies of different countries can not be united and form many laws because of some differences in them. The database is kept in its headquarters which helps in solving the issues. While crime databases with one or a country’s national agency are typically limited to within the country and its borders, the Interpol database allows them to track criminal and crime trends in the poor world. The database helps member countries to track criminals and crime trends globally. Interpol also helps to overcome bureaucratic hurdles. During an attack, it can send a team to investigate the issue and it can share the victim identification, suspect identification or it can share the information with law enforcement agencies in other countries.

Interpol issues 8 different types of notices which have specific meanings.

INTERPOL´s Crime Programmes
  • Red Corner Notice is issued for arrest or extradition for a criminal but this is not an arrest warrant. Interpol cannot force any country to arrest anyone.
  • Yellow Notice is used to locate the Interpol missing people
  • Blue notice is issued to the country of any criminal requesting for collection of information about the criminal
  • Black notice is issued to seek information related to unidentified bodies
  • Purple notice is issued to the hunters who kill wild animals
  • Green notice is issued to those who can repeat criminal activities in other countries
  • Orange notice is issued to any dangerous person, object, bomb which poses a threat to public safety.

Along with all this, it issues a United Nations Security Council Special Notice. It has been issued to the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

So that was all about Interpol which is very important to maintain world peace by solving issues and reducing crimes on an international basis. 

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