Meet Brave Major Arun Kumar Pandey Shaurya Chakra


On 09 June 2020, Major Arun Kumar Pandey received a specific intelligence of five terrorists in a village of Jammu and Kashmir. As mission leader, based upon in depth knowledge of terrain and deep sense of terrorist modus operandi, he was able to pin point likely location of the terrorists in huge orchard with dense undergrowth.

Major Arun, based on his appreciation, sited a gap free cordon and led the search for terrorists. He observed suspicious movement in the dense undergrowth, towards which he advanced tactically with his buddy. Suddenly, he came under indiscriminate fire from the hidden terrorist, which he retaliated after taking cover in the folds of ground.

Unmindful of his safety, he crawled forward through the burst of terrorist fire and neutralized him by own fire. In doing so, he came in line of fire of another terrorist. Major Arun swiftly rolled sideways and moved forward to engage him at close quarter, thereby neutralizing him.

For his outstanding leadership and unparalleled courage wherein he neutralized two hardcore terrorists, Major Arun Kumar Pandey is recommended for the award of “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


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