Meet Brave Major Ravi Kumar Chaudhary Shaurya Chakra

Since April 2019, Major Ravi Kumar Chaudhary participated and exhibited exceptional resoluteness, unsurpassed fortitude and supreme leadership qualities during conduct of four successful operations of Battalion, resulting in elimination of 13 terrorists.

On 02 June 2020, specific input about presence of three terrorists in a Village of Jammu and Kashmir was received. Once presence of terrorists was confirmed on 03 June 2020 at 0620 hours, the officer showcasing superb puissance and exemplary leadership, re-aligned the cordon. To draw the attention of hiding terrorists, Officer alongwith his
buddy crawled forward under intense terrorist fire. Realising this, hiding terrorists opened indiscriminate fire and fired Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) Grenades and rushed out in a bid to escape. Appreciating grave danger to his buddy, displaying unflinching courage, he pushed him aside, exposing himself to heavy terrorist fire.

Maintaining his tactical composure, officer effectively engaged fleeing terrorists at close range resulting in elimination of one terrorist and grievously injuring other terrorist. For displaying conspicuous bravery and unparalleled courage resulting in elimination of one dreaded terrorist, Major Ravi Kumar Chaudhary is recommended for the award of “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


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