Meet Brave Rifleman Mukesh Kumar Shaurya Chakra

Rifleman Mukesh Kumar was part of cordon and search operation launched on 16 July at 2345 hours based on specific intelligence of likely presence of terrorists in a remote village of Jammu and Kashmir.

At 0510 hours, as civilians were being evacuated from the target house, Rifleman Mukesh received a radio call of a suspect approaching his side of the cordon. Rifleman Mukesh controlled own fire to prevent casualty to civilians but was mentally alert to discern a weapon that a civilian was concealing under his clothing. On being challenged, the civilian, who was a terrorist, attempted to draw up his weapon to fire but Rifleman Mukesh physically wrestled with the terrorist, who was shocked by the ferocity of the assault.

He kept attacking the terrorist with the butt of his weapon inspite of sustaining a Gunshot wound. Unmindful of his injuries, Rifleman Mukesh neutralised the terrorist from point blank range ensuring no injuries to own troops or the civilians.

For displaying exceptional courage and valour, inspite of sustaining gunshot injury, to indulge in a hand-to-hand duel and to eliminate terrorist, Rifleman Mukesh Kumar is recommended for the award of “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.


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