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Samudra Shakti 2023: India-Indonesia Bilateral Maritime Exercise

The indigenously designed and built ASW Corvette INS Kavaratti arrived in Batam, Indonesia, to participate in the 4th edition of the India-Indonesia Bilateral exercise Samudra Shakti-23, which runs from May 14 to May 23. A Dornier Maritime Patrol aircraft and a Chetak helicopter from the Indian Navy are also taking part. KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda, CN 235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, and AS565 Panther Helicopter will represent the Indonesian Navy.

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The Goal of Ex Samudra-Shakti

The goal of Exercise Samudra Shakti is to improve interoperability, jointness, and mutual collaboration between the two fleets. Cross-deck visits, professional interactions, subject matter expert exchanges, and sports fixtures will be part of the Harbour phase.

Samudra Shakti 2023 India Indonesia Bilateral Maritime Exercise
Ex Samudra Shakti

Weapon shooting, helicopter operations, anti-submarine warfare, air defence drills, and boarding operations are all scheduled for the Sea Phase. It is expected that Samudra-Shakti will showcase a high level of interoperation function between the two navies and their shared commitment towards peace and stability in the region.

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The exercise’s harbor phase involves cross-deck visits, professional engagements, subject matter expert exchanges, and sporting events, whereas the sea phase includes weapon firing, helicopter operations, anti-submarine warfare and air defence drills, and boarding operations. Samudra Shakti, which is set to run till May 19, will highlight the two navies’ high degree of cooperation as well as their shared commitment to regional peace and security.

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