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Should you lie in SSB Interview?

For the majority of us, SSB interviews are like a battle; everyone wants to be recommended by whatever means necessary. They say that all is fair in love and war. However, if we don’t get a recommendation occasionally, we start remembering our performance and experience flashbacks to see if we lied or not.

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Should you lie in SSB Interview?

If you lied at any point during the SSB test, you might consider it to be the reason you weren’t recommended, but if you didn’t lie at any point, you might consider it to be a mistake on your part for being honest about everything, even if it did include some undesirable traits.

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But the question of lying in an SSB interview still stands. Even if the interviewing officer brings up a topic you don’t particularly enjoy discussing or with which you don’t feel comfortable, attempt to steer the conversation away from it (deftly) during the SSB interview. It is up to the candidate to decide how to approach the personal interview portion of the SSB; however, it is recommended that you focus on your strengths rather than dwell on anything depressing or negative.

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How can I look excellent in a personal interview?

Despite the fact that you may be bored in real life, you should be delighted that you are attending an SSB interview, which is still a dream for many. Be sensible and mature, but don’t be overly serious or anxious. Instead, try to be funnier and happier.

Be assured; whatever you have accomplished in life, you can back it up. Regardless of the challenges you have faced in life, be sure to support yourself, accept responsibility for mistakes, and never place the blame elsewhere. Talk animatedly and avoid boring IO with your false self-promotional claims by acting as though you are trying to impress the female sitting in front of you.

Give a pause between the question and your answer to demonstrate that you are thinking before you speak, even if you get the substance of the question before IO has finished. This is an excellent attribute. Overall, it makes it easier for you to come up with superior and opposing responses. You should strive to demonstrate as many OLQs as you can because everything you do will be recorded.

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How can I stop challenging or unwelcome questions?

GK questions are not necessarily difficult questions; rather, they are inquiries you don’t want to pursue further.

Although it is improper to dismiss inquiries directly, you can do so in an indirect manner or by lowering the number of counterquestions. If you don’t participate in sports often, you could feel awkward when people ask you more sports-related questions ( as said earlier, Be confident, whatever you have done in your life, have a supporting answer for that). Always make up for a flaw with strength and mention another skill you are skilled at.

If something particularly personal comes up, you can tell the IO right once that you don’t feel comfortable discussing such sensitive topics. No one feels comfortable talking about highly private matters pertaining to their family or other close relatives, thus IO may occasionally test your ability to keep a secret. Additionally, it is completely OK to withhold such information if you find it uncomfortable; if doing so fits your personality, act in the same manner.

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So should you tell something really bad about yourself?

No, never say anything unpleasant or negative about yourself. Aside from a few basic flaws, never ever speak negatively of yourself. Again, be wise, and try to conceal such things as much as you can.

The IO is there to determine your suitability for the armed forces; he has no sympathy for you. He may laugh in your presence, but he never rests, and he continues to write whatever you describe yourself. Don’t be emotional and don’t think that by sharing your sad story you will win some sympathy. So use judgment and make thoughtful plans.

So what do you think have you ever lied in an SSB interview?

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