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200 WAT Words With Examples Part-1

The Word Association Test aka WAT is not a sentence-making test, otherwise, it would have been named so. In WAT or Word Association Test, the aspirants are given some words and they have...

The Word Association Test aka WAT is not a sentence-making test, otherwise, it would have been named so. In WAT or Word Association Test, the aspirants are given some words and they have to evaluate the qualities or ideas that are associated with the given word.

200 WATs with examples Part 1

There is nothing ‘negative’ in this world. It is just your perception that makes you see things the way you want them to be. While attempting the test, the words and ideas that spring to your mind are more important than the expression itself. Every word in the WAT is designed to invoke some feeling or thought in the reader. The reader goes beyond the word and will find many relations to the word from different areas and fields.

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Word Association Test (WAT)

A list of 60 words in WAT is shown one by one on a screen to the candidates in SSB. These will be the types of words that are used in our day-to-day life. A total of 15 seconds will be given to the candidates to read a single word and write their response in the form of a complete sentence on their answer sheet. After 15 seconds, a new word will appear with a beep on the screen and the candidate has to repeat the same procedure.

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Below is the list of 100 WATs with Examples

  • Accept – Defeat Is Not Real Until Accepted
  • Accommodate – Accommodation Of Thoughts Towards Planning And Implementing Leads To Success.
  • Action – Actions Speak A Lot About A Person.
  • Active – Actively Participation In Activities Leads To Overall Development.
  • Admire – Good Hearted People Are Admirabe And Are Loved.
  • Advance – Advance Preparation Of Exams Leaves Time For Revision.
  • Adventure – Adventurous Activities Are Thrilling.
  • Agreement – Legal Agreements Are Bound To Be Followed.
  • Ahead – Planned Present And Future Leads To Better Life Ahead.
  • Alert – Alert People Are Usually Quick In Producing Actions.
  • All – All People Cannot Be Befooled.
  • Behavior – Teachers Love Lively And Well-Behaved Students.
  • Best – Give Your Best And Leave The Rest Pn God.
  • Bold – Bold People Are History Creators.
  • Book– A book Enhances Knowledge And Makes A Person Learn.
  • Boys – Boys Like Playing Video Games More Than Girls.
  • Brave – Brave People Are History Creators.
  • Brother – Brothers Are Loving And  Caring For Their Sisters.
  • Call – Making A Call To Your Conscious Before Any Decision  Bring Clarity Of Right And Wrong.
  • Capable – One Is Capable Of Achieve Anything With Regularity And Hardwork.
  • Carefully – Carefully Reading a Document Before Signing Is Important.
  • Career – Career Is The Prime Goal Of Any Mature Person.
  • Chair – The chair Is A Sign Of Responsibility.
  • Cry –  Animal Lovers Can Understand The Mood Of An Animal By Their Cry Or Sound.
  • Curiosity  – Curiosity In A Person Keeps Him Updated.
  • Curious  – Curious People Tend To Learn A Lot In Due  Course Of Time.
  • Decision – Decisions Taken By Elders Are For The Good Of Younger Ones. 
  • Definite – Definte Success Is Possible Only With Hardwork.
  • Democracy – India Is One Of The Largest Democracies In The World.
  • Desire – Limited The Desires Greater The Happiness.
  • Detail – Detailed Explanation Fetches Good Marks.
  • Determination – Determined Hard work Leads To Aim.
  • Differ –people Differ from Each Other In Thought And This Makes Them Unique
  • Difficulty – More The Difficult More The Thrill
  • Discipline – Disciplined Children Are Loved By Teachers.
  • Divide– Completion Of Divided And Planned Task Consumes Less Time.
  • Enthusiasm – Team Work And  Enthusiasm Motivates Members.
  • Exercise –Exercise Keeps People Healthy.
  • Experience –Experience Comes With Practical Work.
  • Extreme –extreme Situation Can Be Curbed By Proper Rules And Regulations.
  • Faith – Motivation Comes From The Faith In One’s Own Self.
  • Family – Family Is The Backbone Of Any Society.
  • Father – Father Is A Backbone And Guide Of A Family.
  • Fellow –fellow Schoolmates And Collegemates Are Friends We Cherish For Life.
  • Fire –fire To Achieve Goal Leads To Success.
  • Follow –Following Rules Can Be Imposed By Law.
  • Fool –everyone Cannot Be Befooled At The Same Time.
  • Foreign –foreign Goods Import Must Be Balanced By Export.
  • Frank –people Who Are Frank Have Nothing Inside Their Hearts.
  • Freedom – Freedom Of Speech Is A Fundamental Right.
  • Friends –Friends Are The Most Important Part Of Life Like Family.
  • Future – A person Who Works Hard In the Present Have A Better Future.
  • Girl – Girls Are Always Up To Date With Fashion.
  • Give –give Your Best And Leave The Rest.
  • Goal – The goal Can Be Accomplished With Serious Attempts.
  • Good – Good Thoughts Are Always Loved By People.
  • Government –The government Is Elected By The People And For The People.
  • Graduate –graduates Apply For Jobs Or Go For Higher Studies.
  • Happiness –happiness Can Be Attained By The Feeling Of Contentment.
  • Hard –hard work Is The Only Way That Leads To Aim.
  • Health – Good Hygiene Is Key To Good Health.
  • Help –Helping The Poor Is The Biggest Religion.
  • Helpless – Brave Never Feels Helpless In Any Situation
  • Hint – A Hint Is Enough For A Wise Man 
  • History –brave Men Are History Creators.
  • Home – Home Is Temple Of Societies As It Makes A Man Learned.
  • Honest – Honesty In Work Gives A Good Night Sleep.
  • Honey –honey Helps In Building the Immune System.
  • Honor –Honor Comes Naturally With Good Deeds.
  • Hope –hope Helps In Leading A Life Happily.
  • Huge –huge Savings Are Always A Better Investment For the Future.
  • Humanity –Humanity Is The Basis Of The Good In The World.
  • Hurdle –hurdles Are Part And Parcels Of Life.
  • Idea – Good Ideas Are Accepted By All
  • Imagination – Imagination Is the Product Of Developed Aptitude.
  • Important – Studies Have Great Importance In Life.
  • Impossible – Impossible Is Possible With Persistent Hard Work.
  • Impress – Good Communication Skills Impresses Everyone.
  • Improvement – Every Perfect Person Needs Improvements With Age.
  • India –India Has World’s Biggest Democracy.
  • Initiation –working Hard Is the Initiation Of a Dream Into Reality.
  • Inspection – Regular Inspection Maintains The Standards Of the Institution.
  • Intelligence – Intelligent And Practical Ideas Are Acceptable.
  • Interest – Working Hard On Interest Areas Helps  T0 Achieve More In Life.
  • Interpretation – Interpretation Of the Same Idea Is Different From  Person To Person.
  • Joy – Success Brings Joy.
  • Juniors – Juniors Are To be Taken Care Of By Seniors.
  • Lend – Lending Is A Helping Hand For Needy.
  • Life –life Is a Series Of Situations.
  • Light –there Is Always Light At The End Of The Tunnel.
  • Like – A Good Person Is Liked By All.
  • Limit – There Is No Limit To Achievements. 
  • Listen – Listening To Elders In Taking Important Decisions Is A Good Practice.
  • Literary – Literary Resources Are Gems For Readers.
  • Logical – Logical Thinkers Are Appreciated And Known By The World.
  • Loose–Loosing Teaches Us The Mantras For Winning.
  • Love – Motherly Love Is Unconditional.
  • Make – A Man Can Make His Dream A Reality By Hardwork.
  • Match – Team Work Can Help In Winning The Match.
  • Medicine – Good Food Habits Can Keep The Medicines Away.
  • Meet – Meet And Greet Help In Socialisation.
  • Mend – Mending Of Personality Is an Important Part Of Growth.
  • Merit – Good Merit Is Based On Overall Performance In Studies And Co-curricular.
  • Method – Efforts Can Be Lowered With Proper Methodology.
  • Money –Good Reputation Is More Important Than  Money.
  • Mood – Moody Children Cry A Lot.
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