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Meet the Russian ‘Checkmate’ Sukhoi Su-75

Sukhoi is developing a fifth-generation, futuristic single-engine light tactical advanced aerial combat aircraft called the Su-75 Checkmate. The stealth fighter jet will have high performance and low operating costs per...

Sukhoi is developing a fifth-generation, futuristic single-engine light tactical advanced aerial combat aircraft called the Su-75 Checkmate. The stealth fighter jet will have high performance and low operating costs per hour.

Su 75 Checkmate

The Checkmate aircraft was first unveiled in July 2021 at the MAKS 2021 international aviation show in Zhukovsky, Russia. The aircraft made its first overseas appearance at the Dubai Air show 2021, with a prototype on display. The first flight of the Sukhoi fighter is scheduled for 2023, following the completion of a series of ground tests, with serial production beginning in 2026. The aircraft will be produced for both the Russian armed forces and for export, with approximately 300 units expected to be produced for export over the next few years.

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Design and Characteristics of Su-75

The aircraft was designed in-house using a supercomputer and modern virtual modeling and digital calculations, resulting in a five-year testing and building time.

Sukhoi 75

The design drew on the scientific and technical groundwork laid down in the development of the export version of the Su-57E fifth-generation fighter. The onboard systems, cockpit, and other components were derived from the Su-57E aircraft, which reduced costs and increased maintenance efficiency. The aircraft measures 17.5m in length and 11.8m in wingspan. The fifth-generation onboard equipment (OBE) of the fighter is designed for high noise immunity.

The Su-75 Checkmate aircraft can be launched from difficult high-altitude airfields in any weather. Its open architecture with high adaptability will allow for futuristic aircraft upgrades as well as the flexibility to create new configurations at a low cost.

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image 387

The airframe design facilitates aircraft maintenance and requires fewer personnel for maintenance procedures, which is expected to improve the aircraft’s combat readiness. The aircraft will be sold in a single-seater manned version, as well as two-seater optionally manned and unmanned versions.

In a networked configuration, the tactical fighter jet will be able to operate in tandem with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). It will be able to command small drones that will receive real-time information about the combat situation via transmission technologies and respond instantly.

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Armaments of Su-75 ‘Checkmate’

Weapons can be carried by Checkmate aircraft to neutralize enemy command posts and sensitive assets. It has five concealed weapon bays as well as 11 external weapon attachment points. It is capable of carrying a combat payload of 7,400kg. The aircraft is expected to carry both guided and unguided weapons. RVV-MD short-range missile with a range of approximately 40km and RVV-SD medium-range missile with a range of 110km will be carried.

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E67G4jqXIAcdRwR 1024x504 1

Precision weapons for ground target destruction are also available for the Su-75 Checkmate combat jet, including the X-38MLE / MTE X-38MLE air-to-surface tactical guided missile (range of 70km), the X-58USHKE anti-radar missile (range of 245km), the Kh-59MK2 guided missile (range of 285km), and Thunder-A1 precision ammunition (range of 120km).

Su-75 Checkmate Avionics

The onboard panoramic touchscreen displays provide situational awareness of the route, threats, targets, and system status. To make maintenance easier, the cockpit and onboard equipment have been unified. The aircraft’s advanced avionics allow it to perform a variety of combat missions.

Avionics Su 75

Matreshka, a logistics support system, is installed on the Su-75 Checkmate combat aircraft. The major onboard electronic equipment with artificial intelligence (AI) reduces the pilot’s workload by acting as a co-pilot. The intelligent support system continuously monitors the health of the aircraft’s critical systems.

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The Su-75 Checkmate is outfitted with an advanced multi-band passive detection system that allows it to neutralize the target while remaining undetected. The aircraft is also outfitted with an active phased array radar (APAR), which allows it to track targets even in areas with high electronic interference. The radar allows the aircraft to attack and track up to six aerial targets at the same time.

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Su 75 Checkmate 1
image 391

The KOEPS-75 optoelectronic sighting system designed and developed by Russian firm Shvabe is installed on the Checkmate aircraft. The sighting system is designed to target both aerial and ground-based targets.

Performance and engine

The Su-75 Checkmate is powered by a single engine with a thrust rating ranging from 14,500kgf to 16,000kgf. The aircraft’s subsystems are autonomously powered by an auxiliary power unit (APU), which provides impressive take-off and landing capabilities due to its high thrust-to-weight ratio, wing-elevating features, and reliable thrust-vectored engine.

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Checkmate engine

The fighter jet’s take-off and landing distances have been reduced. It has efficient maneuverability up to 8g and can maintain continuous supersonic flight. Without an additional fuel tank, the aircraft can reach a top speed of 1.8 Mach (2,205km/h) and a range of more than 2,800km.

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