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Defence Current Affairs 21 June 2024

In Daily Defence Current Affairs for 21 June 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming...

In Daily Defence Current Affairs for 21 June 2024, we will see the latest national and international current affairs news. These important current affairs will be beneficial for your upcoming NDA, CDS, CDS OTA, AFCAT, TA, Agniveer Army, Agniveer Navy, Agniveer Air Force, Women Military Police, INET, MNS, ACC exams, SCO, PCSL, CAPF, and SSB interviews, and direct entries for Army, Navy, and Air Force like SSC Tech, TGC, JAG, NCC, TES, 10+2 Cadet. Download a PDF file about current events at the end of this article. Let us now see the Daily Defence Current Affairs.

Defence Current Affairs 21 June 2024

Lt Gen NS Raja Subramani To Be Next VCOAS

  • Lt Gen NS Raja Subramani is set to be the next Vice Chief of Army Staff with the government clearing his appointment to the post, official sources said on Thursday. The officer, who is presently helming the Army’s Central Command, will succeed Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi.
  • Lt Gen Dwivedi, currently serving as the Vice Chief, will be the next Chief of the Army Staff when incumbent Gen Manoj Pande retires on June 30. Lt Gen Subramani was commissioned into the Garhwal Rifles in 1985. He has a distinguished and illustrious military career spanning more than 37 years.
  • Two new officers will take over as Army Commanders including Northern Command Chief of Staff Lt Gen Anindya Sengupta, who is likely to head Central Command in Lucknow on promotion.
  • Western Command Chief of Staff Lt Gen Devendra Sharma is likely to move to Shimla to head the Training Command there.
  • The Corps are also going to get new chiefs as the Leh-based 14 Corps is going to get a new chief in Major General Hitesh Bhalla. He will be putting up his new rank of Lieutenant General on July 1 in his new office and will succeed Lt Gen Rashim Bali.
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India, Sri Lanka Commission Maritime Rescue Centre To Boost Security Ties

  • Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe and External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, who is on a day’s visit to the island nation, jointly unveiled the virtual plaque to mark the formal commissioning of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Sri Lanka.
  • The centre will be built under a $6 million grant from India as part of efforts to boost maritime security partnership in New Delhi’s southern neighbourhood.
  • India and Sri Lanka have a long history of cultural, religious, and trade ties dating back to ancient times.
  • There are strong cultural ties between the two countries, with many Sri Lankans tracing their heritage to India. Buddhism, which originated in India, is also an important religion in Sri Lanka.
  • India provided approximately USD 4 billion worth of aid to Sri Lanka during an unprecedented economic crisis, which was crucial for the country to survive the crisis.
  • Sri Lanka was hit by a catastrophic financial crisis in 2022, the worst since its independence from Britain in 1948, due to a severe paucity of foreign exchange reserves.
  • India and Sri Lanka conduct joint military (Mitra Shakti) and Naval exercise (SLINEX).
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Minister of State for Defence visits INS Rajali

  • Minister of State, Ministry of Defence Sanjay Seth visited the Indian Naval Air Station, Rajali located near Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu and reviewed the operational preparedness of the station.
  • During the visit, he was briefed on the ongoing and future maritime operations and infrastructure development of the station. He also interacted with the men and women of the station and appreciated their contribution towards ensuring maritime security in the Indian Ocean Region.
  • “INS Rajali was commissioned on March 11, 1992. It was named as ‘Rajali’, named after an aggressive bird of the Hawk family, predominant in the Tamil Nadu coastal belt. The air station is spread over 2,200 acres and is located 80 kms west from Chennai,” the release stated.
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USIBC Hosts US Congressional Delegation in Delhi

  • The US Chamber of Commerce’s US-India Business Council hosted a closed-door member interaction with the US Congressional delegation led by Representative Michael McCaul in Delhi. The discussion focused on enhancing industrial cooperation between India and the US in defence and strategic technologies.
  • “The interaction focused on enhancing industrial cooperation between India and the United States in defence and strategic technologies, reflecting the two countries’ common interest in promoting peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region based on democratic values,” it added.
  • On June 18, the US Congressional delegation arrived in India to meet Tibetan Spiritual leader Dalai Lama. The American delegation was received by officials of the Central Tibetan Administration at Kangra Airport.
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In Vietnam, Putin Seeks New ‘Security Architecture’ For Asia

  • Russian Prez Putin said he wanted to build a “reliable security architecture” in the Asia-Pacific region during a state visit to Vietnam Thursday. Russia and Vietnam signed agreements on issues including energy, underlining Moscow’s pivot to Asia after the West imposed sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine war.
  • Of the 12 announced agreements, none overtly pertained to defence but Vietnam Prez To Lam said there were other deals that were not made public.
  • At a news conference to wrap up his trip, Putin accused the Nato of creating a security threat for Russia in Asia. In a PR achievement for the Russian prez, the military ceremony for him was the kind rolled out when US Prez Biden visited last year.
  • Vietnam’s hosting of Putin was criticised by the EU and by the United States, now an important partner which upgraded diplomatic relations with Hanoi last year and is Vietnam’s top export market.
  • The US State Department said a top US diplomat will visit Vietnam this week to stress Washington’s commitment to working with it to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.
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Multiple Choice Questions of DCA

  1. Who is set to be the next Vice Chief of Army Staff, as per the government
    A. Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi
    B. Lt Gen Manoj Pande
    C. Lt Gen NS Raja Subramani
    D. Lt Gen Anil Chauhan
  2. Who visited to the Vietnam to bolster the relationship?
    A. Vladimir Putin
    B. Joe Biden
    C. Meloni
    D. Xi Jinping
  3. The Military Engineer Services (MES) is a construction agency of which Defence
    A. Indian Army
    B. Indian Navy
    C. Indian Air Force
    D. Indian Coast Guard
  4. What is ‘Vigraha’, with respect to the Indian Coast Guard?
    A. Offshore Patrol Vessel
    B. Submarine
    C. Destroyer
    D. Interceptor Boat
  5. ‘Cheetah’ and ‘Chetak’ are the names of:
    A. Fighter aircrafts
    B. Helicopters
    C. Armoured vehicles
    D. Infantry regiments
  6. What is the highest commissioned rank awarded in the Navy?
    A. Commodore
    B. Captain
    C. Wing Commander
    D. Admiral
  7. ‘Varuna’ is a multilateral Defence Exercise b/w India &
    A. Japan
    B. Sri Lanka
    C. France
    D. Australia
  8. Super Hornet Is Made By
    A. Dassault
    B. Boeing
    C. Airbus
    D. HAL
  9. Heron Is A
    A. Tank
    B. Rifle
    C. UAV
    D. Helicopter
  10. Exercises B/w India And Nepal Lanka Is Called:
    A. Vayu
    C. Indra
    D. Surya Kiran
  11. AEW&CS Stands For
    A. Airborne Early Warning and Center System
    B. Airborne East Warning and Control System
    C. Airborne Early Warning and Control System
    D. None of the above
  12. Air Marshal Rank of IAF Is Equivalent to which rank of Indian Navy?
    A. Commodore
    B. Captain
    C. Commander
    D. Vice Admiral
  13. ‘CORPS’ In Indian Army Headed By__
    A. General Officer Commanding (GOC)
    B. General Officer Commanding-in-chief (GOC-in-C)
    C. Major General
    D. Brigadier
  14. Which Is/Are The Combat Arms Of The Indian Army?
    A. Infantry
    B. The Armoured Corp
    C. The Mechanized Infantry
    D. All of the above
  15. Bugatti Car Manufactured By
    A. Germany
    B. France
    C. Mexico
    D. USA
  16. India Purchased Dragunov SVD from
    A. USA
    B. Sweden
    C. France
    D. USSR
  17. Oslo Is The Capital Of
    A. Norway
    B. Palau
    C. Philippines
    D. Maldives
  18. “Mind-Master” Book Is Written By
    A. Roopa Pai
    B. Neha J Hiranandani
    C. M Venkaiah Naidu
    D. Viswanathan Anand and Susan Ninan
  19. Heckler & Koch MP5 Is A
    A. Submachine gun
    B. Machine pistol
    C. Sniper rifle
    D. Anti-material rifle
  20. Lt Gen. Rank Of Indian Army Is To Which Rank Of IAF?
    A. Vice Admiral
    B. Air Commodore
    C. Commodore
    D. Air Marshal


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