Hobbies vs Interest in SSB Interview

“What are your interests?” and “What are your hobbies?” are two of the most typical SSB interview questions. What subsequently becomes a problem is the candidate’s utter perplexity. Most of us would consider hobbies and interests to be synonyms or at the very least interchangeable terms. Most people have the same hobbies and interests, and they discuss them in the same sentence. There are, however, distinctions between a hobby and an interest that will be discussed in this essay.

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What is a Hobby?

Hobbies are activities you enjoy doing in your free time. You enjoy doing them, thus it makes you happy to do them. You feel strongly about it. It is unquestionably seen as a hobby that is done after work hours.

What are the characteristics of having a hobby?

  • It is a task you perform at a cost to your time and resources.
  • You consistently engage in it, and it is an ongoing experience.
  • There is a noticeable level of commitment and dedication.
  • The duration of hobby pursuit varies.
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What Advantages Do Hobbyists Enjoy?

  • Hobbies undoubtedly help you to improve your talents and capacities.
  • It is beneficial to push yourself by engaging in novel activities.
  • Hobbies typically lead to new friendships and affiliations, such as the numerous Facebook clubs and societies.
  • Additionally, it teaches you how to organize your time and activities.
  • It is a productive approach to let your mind relax and take pleasure in activities unrelated to work.

Examples of Hobbies

  • Engaging in an activity or sport.
  • Producing artistic works
  • Gathering things
  • Studying and participating in the arts, such as dance, theatre, and music.

What is Interest

An urge or desire to learn more about a particular topic is what is known as an interest. It is a personal drive to educate yourself and enhance your ability in a field of endeavour, as opposed to a pastime.

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What defines the characteristics of an Interest?

  • Interest is more closely associated with your desire than it is with your behaviour.
  • Interest is defined by the little time span and irregular activity you engage in.
  • The level of consistency and commitment to the interest is not as great as it is for your activity.
  • It’s not typically something you do in your free time. It is possible to follow interests while working. A doctor can be curious about the newly discovered viral strains and seek out information about them because they are of interest to him.
  • As you actively grow more engaged with it and follow it consistently for a long period, an interest might become your pastime.

What are the Advantages of having an Interest?

  • Interest, in general, improves your background. By expressing interest, you are also expanding the scope of your personal development.
  • Interest opens the door to self-improvement and increases your ability and efficiency at work.

How Should Your PIQ Include Interests and Hobbies?

When stating your interests and activities, be honest. Include interests and activities that are pertinent to the position for which you are seeking. Don’t mention any political or religious beliefs or hobbies. Omit truly superfluous activities or hobbies. For instance, if you are applying to be an officer, leave out any hobbies that mention binge-watching Netflix. Having interests or hobbies listed should raise your PIQ score. It would be preferable to leave them out if you don’t have one.

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