How Many Aspirants Clear CDS Exam and SSB Interview

Recently UPSC has published the CDS exam result and around 8000+ candidates cleared the CDS written exam, these candidates will be facing the SSB interview for their respective services they have applied for. Many aspirants want to know how many candidates clear the CDS written exam and how many of them go ahead and clear the SSB interview including the merit list. In this article, we are going to cover such details as it is very important for the aspirants to understand the competition level in the CDS exam.

How many candidates apply for the CDS exam?

So, starting with the number of cadidates who apply for the UPSC CDS exam. CDS exam is conducted two times every year by the UPSC for the defence aspirants who want to join the Army, Airforce and Navy as an officer. Every time around 5 lakh+ candidates apply for CDS exam, so in one year around 10 lakh+ candidates apply for the CDS exam.

How many candidates clear the CDS exam?

Now coming to the curicual part, how many candidates actually clear the CDS exam? Looking at the previous CDS results, around 8000 to 9000 candidate only clear the CDS written exam. You can find the details on number of candidates cleared CDS exam from previous years.

ExamNo. of candidates clear CDS written exam
CDS 2 20198120
CDS 1 20197953
CDS 2 20187650
CDS 1 20188261
CDS 2 20178692
CDS 1 20178548

How many candidates clear the CDS SSB Interview?

Clearing SSB interview is very challenging, not because of the tests conducted at the SSB but because of the low success rate. Out of 100 candidates only 5 – 6 candidates clear the SSB interview, not to forget the SSB Screening test i.e. OIR Test and PPDT, Stage-1 testing where 60% candidates fail. Now coming to how many candidates clear the CDS SSB interview, you may find the details below:

ExamNo. of candidates clear CDS SSB interview
CDS 2 2019yet to be conducted
CDS 1 2019conducting
CDS 2 2018295
CDS 1 2018272
CDS 2 2017419
CDS 1 2017441

How many candidates clear CDS Merit List?

As we are observing since a few years, no one gets merit out through UPSC entry, if you clear the SSB interview and medical examination, there are 100% chances of you getting the joining instructions for the respective training academy.

Hope this analysis will help the CDS aspirants to understand the competition level and they can prepare better for their upcoming examination. If you want to download the study material for the defence exam and interview, do not forget to visit

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  1. Shubam

    Can I join NDA with -3 spectacles
  2. Aakash Rana

    Sir I've cleared CDSE 2 2019 OTA and still haven't received any info. Regarding SSB. I'm already registered on the join Indian army site.......... I'm a bit worried now
    1. Ajul bansal

      Don't t worry bro...almost all of us didn't get any info..
  3. Deepak Patel

    What is the time gap between ssb and medical examination? Can one apply for medical examination after temporary rejection,if yes then after how many day and what is the procedure?
    1. Hemanth Kasturi

      Generally, it depends on the SSB whether you will be sent to the Medical Board after the day of the Conference or you might be given tentative dates or you might also just be sent back expecting a mail from the respective defence establishment. In such cases, the time between the medicals and the conference would vary between 24 hours to a month. If you get temporarily rejected at Board, then you can apply for a Review Medical Examination. If that too rejects you, then you can challenge yourself to apply for Appeal Medical Board. But at any instance of time, if you are permanently rejected, then you cannot join any sort of military establishment ever. Refer to official data and websites for more detailed information.

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