How To Crack AFCAT 2 2021 Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test

Now as you all have already started preparing for AFCAT 2 2021 which is to be held on 28, 29 and 30 August 2021 let us go through how to prepare for the Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test.

So, firstly you all must know that Logical Reasoning is the most important part of your AFCAT exam as it contains 32 questions which are the highest among all the other sections.

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Most of the students think that reasoning is very easy and generally they don’t give proper preparations to this section which turns out to be the biggest mistake for them in the future. So, today I will tell you how you should prepare for the reasoning part so that you can easily get a perfect score of 96 marks from this section.

Now, as there are two sections under Logical Reasoning i.e., Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. So, below is the list of most important topics from both these sections along with the no. of expected questions from each topic.

Verbal Reasoning No. of expected questions
Analogy 4 – 5
Classification 5
Logical Venn Diagrams 4 – 5
Statement – Conclusions 2
Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test 1 – 2
Non – Verbal Reasoning No. of expected questions
Series 4 – 5
Analogy 4 – 5
Completion of Incomplete Pattern 3 – 5
Classification 3 – 5
Dot Situation 5
Hidden or Embedded Figure 2 – 4

There are some other topics also like Blood Relations, Series Completion and Figure matrix, etc from which there are chances of getting 1 or 2 questions and always there are 1 or 2 questions from some new topics.

A brief description of each and every topic is given below:


Analogy: Analogy is the trickiest part of reasoning as it requires a very good knowledge of topics like Antonyms, Synonyms, and some GK related topic like Country, currency & Capitals, Important rivers, Caves, mountains, etc. So, if you have covered your Static Gk part thoroughly then it can be helpful for you in Analogy also.

Classification: Questions from above mentioned topics can also be asked in Classification and it also requires your skills to group the similarities and find the odd one out from the given options.

Logical Venn Diagrams: Logical Venn Diagrams are very easy, you just need to understand the relations between given three or four things and then find the best suited Venn diagram to justify that relation. Good practice of questions will always be helpful.

Statement – Conclusions: One most important thing about statement and conclusion is never to use your own mind or common sense while solving these questions. Just check what is given in the statements, try to draw the diagram, and find which of the conclusion is correct with the help of that diagram. Don’t assume the things which are not given and also don’t neglect the things which are given.

Number, Ranking & Time Sequence Test: High chances are of getting questions from the Ranking part only. Also, all the questions based on this topic are of very easy level and usually everything is given in the ques itself. You are just required to interpret each and every line very carefully, draw a relevant diagram, and easily find the answer.


Series, Analogy & Classification: So, most of the questions are coming from these three topics only hence you should study them very carefully. Now, the best thing about them is all these three topics are based upon the same basic concepts or follow the same kind of relationships, just the type of questions is different. So, to easily solve the questions based upon these topics its very crucial to have a basic knowledge about the basis of establishing such Relationships between the different figures Like:

  • Based on shape and size
  • Based on orientation of figure
  • Based on number of elements
  • Based on inversion (vertically or horizontally)
  • Rotation of figure
  • Movement of figure
  • Replacement of positions of elements
  • Division of figures, etc.

Completion of Incomplete Pattern: This topic is very easy as here you are just required to analysis the three given parts in the figure so that you can easily find the missing part very easily from the options and complete the figure.

Dot Situation: Dot Situation is a very interesting topic and there are chances that you may not get questions from this topic in every paper but whenever it came there were always 5 questions which makes it a very important one too. So, practice a good amount of questions as it can be tricky sometimes but if you know how to find the correct region you are all sorted. 

Hidden or Embedded Figure: Now in the questions based on hidden and embedded figures, you just need to check which figure contains the exact shape given in the question figure. Just don’t rush, check carefully and you will easily find the correct figure.

So, now as you all have the clear idea about the topics that you need to cover so now follow the important tips given below to score the full marks in this section:

  • Check the basic concepts of all the topic and try to cover them thoroughly.
  • Cover all the previous years’ Q&A lectures of each topic so that you can know the type of questions coming from each topic.
  • Cover all the Sample Practice Q&A lectures and practice a very good amount of questions.
  • Try to solve different types of questions with the basic concepts only and also Attempt Mock Tests to check your progress.
  • Solve previous years’ questions not only of AFCAT but of other competitive exams also like CDS, SSC CGL and Bank PO etc. as it will prepare you to face new or some out of the box questions also.
  • Always start your paper with the reasoning section as the questions will be of easy level and will build very good confidence for the rest of the paper.
  • Last and the most important thing is having faith in yourself, be confident as you know that you have studied everything and will surely crack this one with 100% accuracy.


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