Indian Air Force LCA Tejas Now Armed With American JDAM Precision Bombing Kits

In a major capability boost for the indigenous LCA Tejas combat aircraft, the Indian Air Force is equipping them with American Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) kits which would help them target enemy positions with pinpoint accuracy.

The Indian Air Force had recently signed a contract for the JDAM kits which help air to ground bombs to attack their targets with precision at distances of over 80 kms, government sources told news agency.

The first fleet to be equipped with these JDAMs would be that of the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas which is going to be one of the mainstays of the force in the future, the sources said.

The capability would give a further edge to the homegrown aircraft over the adversary aircraft as they would be able to destroy targets from standoff distances, they said.

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A dozen 2,000-pound joint direct attack munitions sit inside a warehouse at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, Dec. 17. The bombs were built by hand by airmen from the 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron’s Munitions Flight. The Munitions Flight has built nearly 4,000 bombs since July 2015. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. James Hodgman/Released)

The Indian Air Force had recently equipped the Tejas with the French-origin Hammer air to ground stand-off missile along with the indigenous Astra indigenous air to air missiles.

Indian armed forces have extensively utilised the delegated financial powers granted to them in different phases by the government to equip themselves with the necessary weaponry to handle any conflict or aggression by enemies on both sides.

The Indian Air Force is strongly supporting the indigenous LCA Tejas fighter aircraft programme by adding more and more capabilities to the aircraft.

The IAF has already operationalised two of its squadrons in the initial operational clearance and final operational clearance versions while a contract has been signed for the 83 Mark1As set to be delivered a couple of years from now.

The IAF has also its eyes set on the LCA Mark 2 and the AMCA being developed by the DRDO for it.

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