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Joint India Singapore Exercise Bold Kurukshetra Concludes

From March 6 to 13, 2023, the Singapore Army and the Indian Army took part in the 13th edition of Exercise Bold Kurukshetra, a bilateral armor exercise held at Jodhpur Military Station in India.

Joint India Singapore Exercise Bold Kurukshetra Concludes
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Ex-Bold Kurukshetra 2023

For the first time in the exercise series, both armies participated in a command post Exercise, which involved Battalion and Brigade level planning elements and computer wargaming. The Indian Army hosted the exercise, which included soldiers from the 42nd Battalion, Singapore Armoured Regiment, and an Indian Army Armoured Brigade.

The ten-day joint training, which began on March 5th, aimed to foster a common understanding of mechanized warfare in emerging threats and evolving technologies, as well as to develop interoperability through a computer simulation-based Wargame that used joint operational and tactical procedures controlled by a joint command post. Both contingents not only learned about each other’s operational drills and procedures, but they also exchanged ideas and best practices in a modern combat zone.

Ex Bold Kurukshetra 2023 3
Ex Bold Kurukshetra 2023 1
Ex Bold Kurukshetra 2023

Exercise Bold Kurukshetra is part of the bilateral agreement between the Singapore Army and the Indian Army for joint Army training and exercises. This exercise, first held in 2005, highlights the two countries’ strong and long-standing bilateral defence relationship and strengthens cooperation between their armies. High-level visits, policy dialogues, courses, and other professional exchanges take place on a regular basis between the two defence establishments.

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