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What is Exercise Parvat Prahar 2022? [Indian Army Exercises]

What is Exercise Parvat Prahar 2022?

The Indian Army conducted the Parvat Prahar Exercise over the course of 20 days to get ready and be operational preparedness near Patrolling Point 15 in eastern Ladakh. This exercise took place at an altitude of 14,000 feet. All new terrain vehicles were used, and Chinook heavy lift helicopters and K9 Vajra howitzers were used to move them around. All of the important new Army recruits were put to work during the exercise.

India and China are getting ready to leave Patrolling Point-15 in eastern Ladakh, according to an announcement from September 8. On the west front, Operation Gagan Strike ended at the same time that Strike Corps’ deep operations were backed up by a show of firepower from assault helicopters. The Western Commander said on Twitter that the commander of the Western Army, Lt. Gen. Nav K. Khanduri, who was there for the climax, praised the combat troops’ professional preparation for what could happen on the western front.

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Who All Participated In Exercise Parvat Prahar 2022?

All of the Army’s most recent major inductions were deployed during the exercise. The practise took place at a height of 14,000 feet on the plateau of Ladakh. The army made advantage of recently introduced all-terrain vehicles that were delivered, among other things, by K9-Vajra howitzers and Chinook heavy lift helicopters. During the exercise, artillery weapons and other important military systems demonstrated their operational capabilities. The exercise is taking place as China and India are preparing to withdraw from Patrolling Point-15 in eastern Ladakh.

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Significance & Importance Of Exercise Parvat Prahar 2022

On his two-day visit to Ladakh, Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pande evaluated the exercise Parvat Prahar on Saturday. Commanders on the ground briefed him on operational readiness.

“Gen Manoj Pande visited the Ladakh Sector and saw the Parvat Prahar exercise. The commanders on the ground informed the COAS on operational readiness. He spoke with the officers and soldiers and praised them for their resolve and high standards of conduct, the Indian Army tweeted.

General Pande’s visit coincides with the ongoing disengagement between China and India in the Gogra-Hot Springs region along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The 16th round of negotiations between the corps commanders of China and India took place at the Chushul Moldo Meeting Point on July 17, 2022, and this disengagement process is the result of those discussions.

In order to build on the progress made during the negotiations and resolve the pertinent issues along the LAC in the western sector of the India-China border areas, the two parties have been in constant touch ever since. Because of this, he added, “both parties have now decided to disengage in the area of Gogra-Hot Springs (PP-15)”.

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Some Of The Pictures From Exercise Parvat Prahar 2022:

army chief witnesses exercise parvat prahar in eastern ladakh
army chief witnesses exercise parvat prahar in eastern ladakh 2
army chief witnesses exercise parvat prahar in eastern ladakh 3
army chief witnesses exercise parvat prahar in eastern ladakh 4
army chief witnesses exercise parvat prahar in eastern ladakh 1
army chief witnesses exercise parvat prahar in eastern ladakh 5

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