What is Exercise Kakadu 2022? [Indian Navy Exercises]

What is Exercise Kakadu 2022?

Exercise KAKADU, which started in 1993, is a multilateral regional maritime engagement exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and supported by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

The Australian Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Mark Hammond, stated in regards to the naval exercise: “The theme for this year’s exercise is “Partnership, Leadership, Friendship,” and we plan to exhibit that in spades during 15 days of intense action at sea and ashore.”

The Australian Navy’s “most major foreign engagement activity” and “essential for fostering relations amongst participating countries,” he continued, is exercise Kakadu.

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Who All Are Participating In Exercise Kakadu 2022?

Exercise Kakadu, which promotes collaboration among Australia’s allies and neighbours, has participants from 20 nations.

With more than 15 warships, 30 planes, and 3,000 participants from more than 20 nations, this year’s Exercise Kakadu 2022 will be one of the largest. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is assisting the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), which is in charge of it (RAAF).

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Indian Navy & Exercise Kakadu 2022

In order to take part at the international exercise Kakadu – 2022, hosted by the Royal Australian Navy, INS Satpura and a P8 I Maritime Patrol Aircraft of the Indian Navy arrived in Darwin, Australia, on September 12.

Ships and maritime aircraft from 14 navies are involved in the two-week exercise on land and at sea. The ship’s crew will participate in operational planning discussions and sporting events with the participating Navies during the exercise’s harbour phase.

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Significance & Importance Of Exercise Kakadu 2022

Exercise Kakadu, the Navy’s largest international engagement programme, is essential for fostering connections amongst participating nations. Because of this, our KA22 theme is “Partnership, Leadership, Friendship,” according to Captain Pete Bartlett, exercise director.

The exercise gives regional partners the chance to engage in integrated multinational marine missions, from law enforcement operations to sophisticated maritime warfare.

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Some Of The Pictures From Exercise Kakadu 2022

Exercise Kakadu 1
Exercise Kakadu 2
Exercise Kakadu 3
Exercise Kakadu

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