What is Exercise Harimau-Shakti 2022? [Indian Army Exercise]

EXERCISE HARIMAU SHAKTI 2022 will be conducted over the next two weeks in Malaysia, with both Armies holding joint army operations and learning from each other for mutual benefit.

Significance of Harimau-Shakti 2022

This is for the first time that the Armed Forces of both countries hold all three joint exercises. Firstly the Joint Naval Ex SAMUDRA LAKSAMANA in May, Joint Air Exercise UDARA SHAKTI in August, and now Joint Army Ex HARIMAU-SHAKTI.


The exercise aims to increase mutual cooperation and coordination between the two armies and share expertise in the operation of chaos prevention operations in dense forests.

Future Impacts

Exercise Harimau Shakti is a positive step in the bilateral relations between the two nations. The conduct of such exercises in the future will enable mutual capacity enhancement and assist in building strong bonds of friendship and cooperation between India and Malaysia.

What Is The Purpose Of Conducting Joint Military Exercises?

By participating in a joint exercise with one or more other countries, we can show a third country that we have clout in the region and that we’re committed to advancing our diplomatic goals. Military drills foster comradery and brotherhood among soldiers and militaries, which is a more intangible benefit.


Both Indian and Malaysian armies stand to hone their tactical and technical skills in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations under the UN mandate. As part of the exercise, both countries will share the expertise of each other’s parties to conduct a joint training exercise in the dense forests. Due emphasis is being laid on increasing interoperability between forces which is crucial for the success of any joint operation.

Overall, the exercise will not only provide an excellent opportunity for both armies to hone their operational skills but will also contribute to enhancing the strategic partnership between India and Malaysia.

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