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Key Decisions Made in Army Commanders Conference 2023

Army Commanders Conference, held for the first time in a hybrid format from 17-21 April 23, saw deliberations on a wide range of Strategic, Training, Human Resource Development, and Administrative...

Army Commanders Conference, held for the first time in a hybrid format from 17-21 April 23, saw deliberations on a wide range of Strategic, Training, Human Resource Development, and Administrative issues, as well as crucial decisions in defining the Army for the future. The Army Commanders and other senior functionaries assessed the present and emerging threat scenarios, as well as the Indian Army’s operational preparedness and readiness.

Key Decisions Made in Army Commanders Conference 2023

The forum reviewed the pan-India transformational initiatives and quantified progress in the key domains of Force Structuring & Optimisation, Modernisation & Technology Infusion, Processes & Functions, Human Resources Management, and Jointness and Integration as part of the “Year of Transformation” announced in January 2023.

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Key Points and Decisions from the ACC

  • The progress of the Agnipath Scheme’s efficient implementation was thoroughly discussed.
  • Additionally, Apex leadership identified specific areas and actionable points for developing jointness and integration with other Services and government organizations.
  • During the conference, it was determined to pursue a number of welfare measures and initiatives for troops and veterans.
  • With the rapid shift towards net centricity, which necessitates a greater reliance on current communication technologies, the forum assessed the need to preserve networks and resolved to activate Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSW) in the near future.
  • It was determined to nominate Lead Directorates and ‘Test Bed’ Formations to establish optimal employment philosophies and scaling to promote better exploitation of the Pan Army in order to increase the capabilities of the forces through the absorption of Niche Technologies and equipment.
  • Training programs were widely discussed in order to optimize infrastructure, time, and money in order to sustain an effective and lethal combat force. It was determined in the TES entrance plan for officers to transition from the present 1+3+1 years Technical entrance plan (TES) model to the 3 + 1 TES model beginning in January 2024. This adjustment will also reap the benefits of having more police available in the units, addressing officer shortages. Simulator training will also be given a considerable boost this year with the purchase of 435 simulators at a cost of 791 crores.
  • The work of the Thal Sena Bhawan in Delhi Cantt, which began in March 2023, was highlighted. Once completed in 2025, the project will not only address the scarcity of office space but will also improve the Army Headquarters’ operational and functional efficiency by uniting all directorates under one roof. The cutting-edge structure will have a strong, technologically advanced architecture and will be a smart, green, and future-ready project.
  • It was determined to identify and train selected motivated soldiers for Paralympic activities by training them at Army Sports and Mission Olympic Nodes in nine athletic activities in order to harness the indomitable spirit and never say die mentality of the soldiers who are Battle and Physical Casualties.
  • Soldier welfare is an ongoing obligation of the leadership and the organization. It was determined to quadruple the maintenance stipend to such children through AGIF, which is a significant step towards the welfare of specially-abled children of soldiers who die in harnesses.

Glimpses from ACC 2023

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