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15 Top Military Training Institutes of Indian Army

Hello Aspirants !! As we are aware from the fact that our country India has the 4th largest army in the world. Our Indian army holds a lot of potential...

Hello Aspirants !! As we are aware from the fact that our country India has the 4th largest army in the world. Our Indian army holds a lot of potential in it, whether it is out saving our borders or helping our country from terrorism, it has always proved its capabilities to us.

We always have the Great stories of these brave warriors, but what most of us do not know is that where these great warriors are made.

Yes, you all got it right, I am talking about the Military Training Institutes where these soldiers get the training to the best of their capabilities So that they can give their best for the country. Here they not only learn about the Weapon training but also become familiar with brotherhood and leadership qualities. These training centers not only train them for the battlefields but also train them for their life. Today, we will be talking about some of the Training Institutes which are given below:

1. National Defence Academy (NDA) Pune: The NDA is the tri-service training academy at Pune and a prominent institute for the military ethos where young gallant starts their journeys. Here, we get candidates directly after their 12th Class who are trained to become well-rounded gentlemen. It is one of the oldest and biggest training academies in India. Here, Cadets have imparted a blend of outdoor and indoor training. Outdoor training is carried out in the hilly and wooded terrain in and around the NDA campus. Indoor training includes theoretical and practical simulated training. Cadets are taught subjects such as tactical training, weapon training, map reading, military writing, field engineering, organization and administration, and radiotelephony.

2. Indian Military Academy (IMA) Dehradun: This is considered among one of the Finest Training academies of India. Cadets come here directly through CDS Entry and from the NDA also. Valor and Wisdom is the motto of this academy which shapes young boys into men and embarks them into the finest Army officers. The training is emphasized on Drill, weapons, map reading, etc, and from here only the officers are en route for their respective regiments. Training is broadly categorized into character building, service subjects, and academic subjects. Service subjects give basic military knowledge up to the standard required for an infantry platoon commander.

3. Officers Training Academy Gaya: This is the academy that trains fresh out school boys that are selected through TES and Service entry people that are selected through SCO entry. It gives basic military training and makes them capable of military education. The academy has been equipped with state-of-the-art training facilities, other pre-commissioning training institutions.

4. Officers Training Academy Chennai: It is also among one of the finest academies that train GCS for 49 weeks that are recruited through NCC special, CDS OTA, SSCT, SSCWT, and the JAG entry. In this, we get to see Both males and females training together. After training for 49 weeks nation gets newly commissioned officers ready to serve the motherland. Into the academy, Cadets are organized into six companies majorly known as Meiktila, Naushera, Kohima, Jessami, Zojila & Phillora.

5. Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME) Secunderabad: After one year of Basic military training, the TES cadets come here for their second phase of training. This is a Field based training academy where they are imparted with technical skills in Electronics and Mechanical branches. After grueling training of 4 years, they are awarded with a Btech degree and later given posting to their respective regiments.

6. The Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE)Mhow: It is also one of the CTWs for TES cadets. The Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE), Mhow is a premier training institute of the training of Corps of Signals. It has a variety of training modules that focuses on today’s need for advanced warfare and cadets are taught IT and CSE branches.

7. College of Military Engineering (Pune): This Academy is Famous for Civil Engineering and makes out a TES cadet into a good officer as well as a good engineer who is always ready for carrying out operations anytime. It is located in Pune, Maharashtra.

8. Infantry School Mhow: The Infantry School, Mhow is the Largest and the Oldest military training center of the Indian Army. The Institution is responsible for Developing the complete spectrum of tactical drills and concepts of infantry operating in varied terrain and environment. This institution also trains the National Shooting Team under the aegis of Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) which is part of Infantry School.

9. Commando School Belgaum: The school basically provides commando training to the young soldiers and officers of the Indian Army. The Officers and Soldiers, who graduate from this school after brainstorming 35 days join the Ghatak platoon of their Units. It is situated on the Cradle of Infantry Belgaum, Karnataka. A total of 350 trainees are taken into the single batch. The 35 days course is designed to train the Soldiers in Unarmed combat, Navigation, Cliff Climbing, Intense Physical Activities, Heliborne, and Commando Insertion.

10. Combat Army Aviation Training School (CAATS) (Nashik): CAATS is the main training course for Aviators of the Airwing of the Army, called The Army Aviation Corps. It is located at the Army Aviation Base in Nashik Road. Previously It has replaced the Indian Air Force’s academy, the Helicopter Training School (HTS), as the main training school. It mainly operates Cheetahs and Chetaks and is also equipped with Simulators. The Pilots are trained in Valley Flying, Special Forces missions, Night Flying, Tactical Flying, and Medical Emergencies training.

11. High Altitude Warfare School Gulmarg: The High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS), Gulmarg offers two training programs, the Mountain Warfare course, and the Winter Warfare course. The Mountain Warfare course is conducted in Sonamarg between May and October each year. The Winter Warfare course is conducted in Gulmarg between January and April. The two courses train personnel in High Altitude warfare, counterintelligence, and survival skills. Ice-craft is taught at Machoi across Zojila. Army personnel deployed to the Siachen Glacier and other high altitude forward posts on the Himalayan borders go through these courses.

12. School of Artillery Nashik: School of Artillery, Deolali Nasik district, Maharashtra is a Premier Institute of the Army and imparts Effective Training, Evaluation of new Equipment for induction, and development of new concepts/ doctrine for application of artillery fire. The officers and soldiers are trained here for effective functioning with field guns. Artillery is known as the god of war and hence the elite officers are made with greater efforts.

13. Army Air Defence College Gopalpur: The Army Air Defence College (AADC), Gopalpur provides training for the provision of effective Air Defence Artillery protection to ground forces against long and medium-altitude enemies air attacks. They are also trained to preserve specified tactical and strategic vital areas and pivotal points from critical danger and destruction from enemy air attacks. Officers and soldiers from all three services are trained here with real-time operability.

14. Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJW School) Vairengte: The CIJW School in Vairengte, Mizoram, is an institution for Counter-Guerrilla Training. The institution has risen to be the nodal agency for imparting counter-insurgency training for the other branches. The officers are given a special badge after the course and that you can identify easily. The training imparted is full of the deadliest tactics and real-time situations making them capable to carry out operations at any time.

15. Army Airborne Training School Agra: The Army Airborne Training School (AATS), Agra imparts training in aerial delivery and air transportation of men and material. It is also responsible for carrying out research and trials on on-air portability and para dropping of all types of equipment. The fear of jumping is relieved off here and the journey of a paratrooper starts with jumping in various situations. The elite soldiers are a symbol of hard work and the dedication shown to their training.

So, these were the 15 Top Military Training Institutes of the Indian Army. Though it became a bit longer, it is important for the defense aspirants, that they should know about them. I hope you would have liked reading this.

Good Day !!

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