Meet IAF’s first female Su-30 fighter weapon system operator Flight Lieutenant Tejaswi 

The only female Weapon System Operator in the deadly Sukhoi-30 fighter fleet of the Indian Air Force said on Tuesday that pilots in the eastern sector were prepared to respond to any situation in the region and demonstrate their mettle in actual operations despite the ongoing military deployment along the China front.

The team observed the fighter aircraft activities of the Su-30 fighter aircraft, which has been made more lethal with the introduction of new armaments and electronic warfare systems, while on a visit to the Tezpur advanced air base in the eastern sector, close to the China border.

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“Every fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force trains for being a part of any genuine mission since that is where we would get to demonstrate our mettle. Our pilots are available to respond to any situation from a number of bases in the eastern sector. During a conversation at the advanced base, Flight Lieutenant Tejaswi said, “We are always prepared for any kind of jobs and problems that may come upon us.

The WSOs, also known as wizzos, are specialised officers who fly in the multirole Su-30 fighter aircraft’s rear cockpit and control the sensors and armaments that the aircraft will use to fire at hostile targets.

“What runs through our heads is not really different at stressful moments because such operations are an execution of what we train on a daily basis,” she remarked when questioned specifically about how she felt being a part of operations amid the ongoing standoff with China at the borders.

When asked about the experience of fighter pilots during the recent joint Army-Air Force wargames, Flight Lieutenant Sakshya Bajpai, another pilot of the Su-30, responded that the experience of flying during these wargames was always very thrilling because it aids pilots in better preparing for conducting actual operations.

“The training missions assist us in becoming orientated, preparing for any eventuality, and living up to our motto, “Touch the Sky with Glory.”

Regarding the expertise of piloting fighter jets in the country’s eastern regions’ hilly, densely forested terrain, Bajpai said it was difficult because of the region’s unpredictable weather and topography.

We can be ready for any obstacle that may come our way thanks to the extensive training and practise in this area, he stated.

Due to a military standoff between India and China along the northern frontiers in Ladakh over the past two years, soldiers along the Line of Actual Control are on high alert.

The basis of the force in the area has been the Su-30 MKI fighter coupled with one squadron of the Rafale jets in Hashimara, West Bengal. The Indian Air Force has been flying frequently in the sector to keep the opposition under check.

The MiG-21s and other types of aircraft that were flying in the northeast and making frequent flights close to the LAC from their bases there have been replaced by Su-30s.

In Pictures: Female officers are flying fighter jets and helicopters along the LAC with China in the Northeast as the number of women in the IAF rises.

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    I am passed in2007 student . wether i will be able to join air force .my date of birth is 05/05/1983. thanking you.
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