Why Indian Air Force Planes are GREY?

We have seen IAF aircraft are always painted grey, in fact, every other Airforce of any country have jest which is painted grey. Today let us know the reason behind it.

The main reason for painting the fighter aircraft grey is visual camouflage. The aircraft exhibits many colours from various perspectives as it moves.

The aeroplane will be easier to fade into the sky and eventually the horizon if it is painted grey. If and when the aircraft is involved in a visual range fight, this could not be further from the truth. By using this colour scheme, the plane may become practically undetectable.

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The plane must have a hazy grey appearance while it is over water or even when it is flying low (horizon). Your body should be looking at grey clouds while the aeroplane is passing over an enemy fighter jet.

Other reasons

1. Reducing the aircraft’s visual footprint. Blue-grey paint can be used to conceal aircraft flying over water. The undersides of day fighters and bombers were painted a grey-sky colour during the Battle of Britain in an effort to lessen the likelihood that AAA would detect them (Sludge and Slime scheme).

2. The tarmac and the aircraft’s outline blend together. If the colour of the aircraft doesn’t contrast sharply with the tarmac, it makes it more difficult to see the outline of the parked aircraft. (In contrast to aeroplanes with a theme of desert camouflage. However, parked aeroplanes can be identified by their bright shadows.)

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The grey painting scheme—or rather any painting scheme—is now being replaced with paints that can absorb, reflect, and disrupt the radar wave, helping to make the aircraft radar invisible or reduce radar cross-section. This is due to the development of stronger radar. In order to lower their RCS, modern military aircraft are painted with radar absorbent paint (iron-ball paint). By lowering thermal signature, it also aids in the defence against missiles that seek heat. Darker hues and a matte finish make the paint most effective.

Why aren’t fighter jets painted blue to hide in the sky?

Actually, practically all fighters are camouflaged, including the “simple” grey ones; it’s just not the kind you’re used to seeing.

The continuous changes in altitude and viewing angle make employing a traditional blue “camouflage” paint scheme on a fighter problematic. The top of your aircraft should be the colour of the ground, not the sky.

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Even worse, because current fighters fly at such high altitudes, there is a problem where the environment causes everything to appear “washed out.”

Sunlight works as a pale blue or grey fog in the sky. You see blue because of this when you gaze up during the day. You would only see white light from the sun or pitch-black space if the atmosphere were clear. The atmosphere that is between you and the earth while you’re at a high altitude causes the ground to appear blue or grey to you.

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