20 Hot Group Discussion Topics For SSB Interview

Greeting future warriors, today we are going to read about 20 current GD topics which you need to be aware of.

Current Affairs plays an important role in your SSB Interview as you should know what is happening in your city/state/nation. You are not expected to memorize all facts and data, but have your own views on the various problems and ways to solve them.

  1. Uproar against increase in jurisdiction of BSF
  2. Belarus – Poland Refugee Crisis
  3. India’s Role in Future of Afghanistan
  4. Deadly pollution levels
  5. Privatisation of PSUs
  6. Measures to control insurgency in North-Eastern India
  7. Unrest in Kashmir
  8. Facebook Papers Leak
  9. Education System post COVID-19
  10. Should government regulate cryptocurrency
  11. Racism in Sports
  12. S-400 and its implications in Indo-US relations
  13. India’s demand of permanent seat at UNSC
  14. How can we avoid a third wave of the COVID-19
  15. Fifth dimension of warfare: Cyber
  16. COP 26 and climate change
  17. Is United States still relevant
  18. BRICS v/s QUAD and India’s priority
  19. 7 Olympic Medals on the world’s second most populous country
  20. Corruption in defence deals

How To Prepare For GD

In Group Discussion, you are never asked to directly point out the good and bad on a topic, instead, two to three-pointers related to the topic are given, you can put your point forwards as per your understanding of the topic.

One must study each topic and try to gather as many facts and figures. All the data is available online when you speak with facts and figures, you sound more mature and it shows you have a better understanding of the topic.

Always keep an eye on the latest happenings in Indian and around the world, do not ignore an issue just by labelling it political.

Try reading editorials on a particular topic from  different newspapers to get different sides of the coin

In today’s world, any issue can be connected with politics. Having some knowledge about burning issues will surely help you in your GD and PI.


You can read the gist of the news of day in our current affairs section under study materials to keep yourself updates with latest and original data.

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