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Mistakes You Should Avoid While Preparing for UPSC CDS Exam

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) administers the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam to students who wish to pursue a career in Defense Services. The exam seeks qualified candidates for...

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) administers the Combined Defence Services (CDS) exam to students who wish to pursue a career in Defense Services. The exam seeks qualified candidates for the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Candidates who want to serve their country should aim high in order to get good grades on the exam. We have listed some common mistakes that candidates make that must be avoided in order to achieve good grades.

Mistakes You Should avoid While Preparing for UPSC CDS Exam
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About the CDS Exam

It is a national-level competitive exam that is held twice a year, usually in April and September. The exam is divided into two parts: an offline written exam and an interview. The questions cover General Knowledge, English, and Mathematics. Preparing for this UPSC defence exam necessitates hard work and consistent efforts; however, there are some common mistakes to avoid in order to pass the exam.

10 Common Mistakes which you as a Candidate Should Avoid

When you don’t Read the Newspaper

Every competitive exam, in some way, necessitates general knowledge. Daily newspaper reading should become a habit. One of the most important sections of the CDS exam is general awareness, and you should not take it lightly. Reading newspapers makes us aware of our surroundings and keeps us updated, such as knowing about the current chief of defence staff, it S 400 missile defence system, and so on. It also improves our vocabulary, so not reading the newspaper is one of the most significant mistakes one can make, and it will harm your grades.

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Taking Multiple Exams at the Same Time

Although preparing for multiple exams is beneficial, it is necessary to focus on one exam at a time. Otherwise, you will be confused and will not be able to perform well in any of them. So, first, determine which exam you are preparing for and devote all of your attention to it.

Using Too Many Sources for Research

Choose your best study materials and specialized defence books, and avoid referring to too many books for them, as this will cause confusion about the subject. You may believe that studying many books will provide you with more knowledge, but this is not the case. Stick to one book and then read reference books for practice and additional information, but keep your focus on one source.

Not Taking Mock Exams

Go to practice after studying a specific topic or chapter. Practising solidifies knowledge and improves learning. Practice, practice, practice is the ultimate cure for performing well on the test. It not only improves your preparation but also boosts your confidence. Try mock tests for practice; it will also give you an idea of how questions are framed and defence GK.

Lack of a Proper Schedule

Defence entrance exams, such as the UPSC CDS exam, require good physical and mental health. It is necessary to maintain a proper routine, which includes sleeping at the appropriate times and eating nutritious food. Try to get up early because our minds are most active in the morning.

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No Revision

Even if you study for a long time, if you don’t revise at the end, your entire preparation will be for nought. Revision is an essential part of any preparation; ensure that you review previously studied topics. Divide your timetable so that you have at least an hour per day to revise. Choose previous topics and revisit them from time to time.

Improve Your Speed

Although the exam requires mathematics from the ninth and tenth grades, which may appear simple, the most important factor to consider is developing speed in answering questions. Because you will have limited time in the exam, try to solve numerical questions within a set time limit; otherwise, you will miss the questions.

Not Concentrating on Weaknesses

Start focusing on your weak areas or topics for which you are underprepared to improve your performance. Concentrate on those topics in particular and make them strong.

Not making notes

Begin taking notes in your native language, in the form of short pointers and keywords, so that you can revise more easily in the end. Notes help you organize your study material and remember the content.

Undervaluing yourself.

The most common mistake candidates make during preparation is underestimating themselves. Remember that you can achieve your goals; try to be confident and never lose hope.

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FAQ related to CDS Exam

Q1. Can I take the UPSC CDS exam after finishing my 12th grade?

Ans. To take the CDS exam, you must be a graduate.

Q2. Can I change my exam location after submitting my application?

Ans. You cannot change the centre or anything else on the admit card once you have submitted the application form.

Q3. I am in the final year of my bachelor’s degree; can I take the CDS exam?

Ans. Yes, candidates in their final year of their bachelor’s degree can apply for the CDS exam; however, they must not have any backlogs.

Q4. How many CDS Exams are held each year?

Ans. The CDS Exam is held twice a year, with the first session taking place in February-April and the second in September-November.

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