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NDA 2 2017 Entry: 5 Steps To Assess Your Exam Preparation

UPSC is going to conduct NDA 2 2017 exam in September 2017 and candidates are ready to take this challenge to pass the most sought after written exam to join...

UPSC is going to conduct NDA 2 2017 exam in September 2017 and candidates are ready to take this challenge to pass the most sought after written exam to join the greatest Indian defence training academy namely National Defence Academy.

NDA 2017 Online Coaching

NDA Coaching

NDA 2 2017 Entry: 5 Steps To Assess Your Exam Preparation

NDA 2 2017 Entry 5 Steps To Assess Your Exam Preparation

1) Identify which section you would like to evaluate first

I would normally evaluate my performance mentally, but you can put pen to paper. It builds up the learning process and you will remember lessons learnt better. Give an order to sections and evaluate them in series as examiner and while you do that ask yourself how you should have performed in this problem/section to get more marks.

2) Review the amount of effort you put in for a subject/syllabus

This is important as passing can only be achieved through hard work, although not all papers require the same amount of effort. Then review your entire study period and determine how much time you put into the papers and compare this to how much time you needed to put in.

3) Evaluate the questions that appeared in the previous exams

Depending on the level of effort you have put into preparing for the exam, the questions that appear in the paper should be easy or tough. If you did enough practice to answer the questions, evaluate how much of the paper you attempted and how much time it took to complete the paper. This step is requires you to be really honest with yourself.

4) Compare your study effort to how difficult the questions were

More often than not, a question is difficult to answer because we did not put enough effort in studying for the exam. Review faults and make change for the upcoming NDA exam.

5) Join a Mock Test Series

NDA exam preparation  is same(or easy) for candidates who are aiming to get enrolled in esteemed B.Tech colleges of India through JEE (joint entrance exam), they start their preparation from intermediate first year or after completing their intermediate by dropping for one year. The syllabus of JEE contains almost 60-70 percent of the NDA exam syllabus, so for such candidates (JEE aspirants) NDA exam preparation is not very tough, the level of questions asked in NDA written exam are very substandard for these candidates. So, when it comes to preparation of NDA written exam all it takes some brushups with topics and problems and to help those in doing so, SSBCracK Exams has launched an online NDA Exam Mock Test Series.

SSBCracK Exams will be conducting weekly mock tests for its NDA online course enrolled candidates, candidates who are already enrolled can access all the mock tests at the scheduled time and the candidates who are late enrolled can also access the tests that have crossed their scheduled dates.

SSBcrack Exam offering to NDA aspirants:

  • NDA full Online Corurse
  • NDA Practice Tests

NDA Practice Test

  • NDA based National Level Mock Tests

NDA Practice Test

  • High end Reports and Analysis on student performance

Test Analysis

  • Expected important questions for upcoming NDA along with monthly GK and Current affair updates

Current Affair

To enroll in SSBcrack Exams, first a student have to register. There are two ways a student can register:

  1.  Student can register through our website by providing – Username, Email id and Password. To Register Click Here
  2. Student can register with his Facebook id and password. To Register Click Here

Once the student is registered he\she can select his\her respective subject in SSbcrack Exams website. SSBcrack Exams has provided demo for NDA aspirants. To check SSbcrack Exams NDA demo course.Click Here

To enroll in SSBcrack Exams premium NDA course. Click Here

Note:- To join online NDA coaching a student have to first sign in  to portal using registered login ID and password, once a student is logged in, look in left hand side of the page and look for ” buy package ” and click on it. The test selection page will open, then the student have to select the respective choice of exam and click on “buy now”.

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