Tips To Crack AFCAT 1 2023 In February

Air Force Common Admission Test or AFCAT is quite not that hard if compared to other competitive defence entrance exams such as CDS and NDA and with a moderate amount of preparation along with fair knowledge of your basic subjects, a good amount of practice and current affairs, you can clear it. But, is clearing AFCAT enough or scoring around the cut-off is enough to give you a certain place in merit after the recommendation? I guess not. we are only approx 50-60 days away from Online AFCAT 1 2023 examination will be conducted on 24, 25 and 26 February 2023.

As per the official notification of AFCAT 1 2023 published on 01 December 2023. As per the official notification, the AFCAT 2023 Exam will be conducted on February 24, 25, and 26, 2023. Candidates will get their AFCAT exam date from one of these three dates. Each day there will be two shifts i.e. 1st shift and 2nd shift. Reporting time for Shift-1 is 07:30 hours and for Shift-2 it is 12:30 hours. Below you can check the details of AFCAT 1 2023 shift timings for shifts 1 and 2. Both AFCAT and EKT 2023 exam timings are given below in detail.

You will have to score very high marks to ensure your place in the merit and for that, you need to pay attention to the things that I’m mentioning below. First of all, you will have to understand and clearly comprehend information and related knowledge about AFCAT like syllabus, pattern, etc., and stick to it as wandering here and there and looking for multiple resources will make you confused instead of determined.

Let’s have a look at the scheme of the syllabus of AFCAT 1 2023 that is going to be conducted in February 2023 in an online mode at selective centres of India.

The AFCAT Question Paper will have 100 questions. All questions will be of three marks each. For every correct answer, the candidate will get three marks and for every wrong answer, one mark will be deducted under negative marking. The total time allotted for the paper is two hours. Each Question Paper will have questions from the following topics. General Awareness section will consist of subjects such as History, Sports, Geography, Environment, Civics, Basic Science, Defence, Art, Culture, Current Affairs, and Politics, etc.

While Verbal Ability in English will focus on Comprehension, Error Detection, Sentence Completion, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Testing of Vocabulary. Numerical Ability or the mathematics section will have questions related to Decimal Fraction, Simplification, Average Profit & loss, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, and Simple interest. Reasoning and Military Aptitude Test will be all about Verbal and non-verbal questions just like they give in OIR of stage 1 of SSB Screening testing.

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After understanding the content of the syllabus, the candidate requires to understand and analyze the pattern, as it will help them to understand where they can score more marks and also where they can take a calculated risk, depending upon your continuous practice and strength in each subject as well as topics. It is also necessary for the candidates that are aspiring for Technical and flying streams to pay utmost attention for EKT or Engineering Knowledge Test, as the candidates are required to have good knowledge about their engineering branch which they have chosen while filling the form. You can also refer to a few previous year papers for the same. The entire duration of the examination is 2 hours; you’ll be given an additional 1 hour if you’re also attempting the EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test).

Coming to the third step that the candidates should be practising is that to increase their speed, accuracy, and analyzing the difficulty level of questions to devote the limited time to each question they need to practice carefully. They should also keep in mind about an important element of the exam and i.e., the negative marking system that sabotage the plans of candidates to score high marks.

To tackle the menace of negative marking in the AFCAT exam, candidates need to attempt only those questions which they are sure of scoring and they also should cross-check twice before submitting their answer. After answering those questions, one needs to move ahead and answer those questions that he/she thinks have more than 50 % chances of being correct. So here he will get 50 % of chances to get an answer correct and as the negative marking is fixed as 1 mark per wrong answer i.e., one-third of that particular question, attempting those questions also make it worth to take the risk and chance to score better. Risk analysis is one important aspect of these criteria.

Let’s have an in-depth look and analysis of all the subjects, their preparation strategy, and how they will be useful in a defence career.


Syllabus: Decimal Fraction, Time and Work, Average, Profit & Loss, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion and Simple Interest, Time & Distance (Trains/Boats & Streams). The questions are similar to those that we have done in our classes until intermediate and most of the generally formulate from the known topics mentioned in the syllabus. Nowadays the questions are calculative and formulas cannot be used in them. Your concept will get better and you can solve any question if you are good at calculations. check out the Numerical ability section within AFCAT 1 2023 online course for Important formulas, Short and Tricks, Previous years solved and lots of sample practice QA.


Syllabus: English. Comprehension, Error Detection, Sentence Completion/ Filling in of correct word, Synonyms, Antonyms and Testing of Vocabulary, Idioms and Phrases. This portion includes sometimes a good difficulty level and only those who have followed the exam pattern, solved previous year questions and other appropriate study material will be able to score full marks in this section. This part includes a good portion of direct answers that should be on the tip of your finger.

Read all the rules of nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. for spotting errors and keep practising them. One must know that the weightage for vocabulary and idioms and phrases is very high. Start learning words, idioms, and phrases daily and keep revising them. It will hardly take 15 minutes every day. With this, you can really score well in the English section. To improve your English and to get an edge over other candidates, you should be reading new things to enhance your vocabulary as well as current affairs. check out the verbal ability section within AFCAT 1 2023 online course for Topic wise Concepts, Short and Tricks, Fully Solved Previous years, and lots of sample practice QA.


Syllabus: Verbal Skills and Spatial Ability. It is a fairly easy and scoring portion but it also demands rigorous practice as even a minor mistake in analyzing the questions will land you in trouble. You can score full marks in this section if you will solve the questions with concentration and after a good practice. This part is divided into two parts, one is verbal which includes only text, and the other is the non-verbal portion which includes images. Syllabus: Decimal Fraction, Time and Work, Average, Profit & Loss, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion and Simple Interest, Time & Distance (Trains/Boats & Streams). The questions are similar to those that we have done in our classes until intermediate and most of them generally formulated from the known topics mentioned in the syllabus. Nowadays the questions are calculative and formulas cannot be used in them. Your concept will get better and you can solve any question if you are good at calculations. check out the Reasoning and Military Aptitude section within AFCAT 1 2023 online course for Topic wise verbal and Non Verbal Concepts, Short and Tricks, Previous years solved, and lots of sample practice QA.

General Awareness

Syllabus: History, Geography, Civics, Politics, Current Affairs, Environment, Basic Science, Defence, Art, Culture, Sports, etc. General awareness or general knowledge part is basically divided into two parts and they are static and dynamic. Static does not change with time, this includes subjects like history, geography, civics, politics, basic science, art, culture, etc., As this is a static portion, you will have to make the notes just once which will be useful for upcoming attempts too. Another is dynamic, which changes with time like current affairs, awards, authors, books, etc. It is important to read about the latest awards, authors, etc. check out the Static GK section within AFCAT 1 2023 online course for 5000 plus Most expected MCQs, Concepts, Previous years solved, and lots of sample practice QA

Due to the drastic impact of COVID 19, the academic institutes are also closed and you have a great deal of time in your hands. This is a great time to try new things that technology has brought to you while challenging yourself such as Online Courses at SSBCrack Exams. Taking AFCAT Written Online courses will not only give you access to full-length quality lectures but will also provide the facility to take standardized mock tests for comparative study and growth. You can take multiple quizzes after each lesson to ensure the full understanding of the subject along with creating your customized lesson plans.

AFCAT Exam 2023 Study Materials:

Practice with online quiz and test series at SSBCrack Exams is the best way to check your performance. Online test series and quiz will also help you increase your speed and this is very helpful in the real exam. To get good marks in the AFCAT 2023 examination, candidates will have to practice in online mode with increased frequency. You are advised to attempt more quizzes and mock tests regularly from reliable sources such as SSBCrack Exams.

You can check out the course content along with other important specifics at SSBCrackExams. You can also access these on the SSBCrackExams app available at google play store.

Follow the last bit of advice and that is to not ignore any sections of the question paper thinking that you can manage well without that as the chances are that you won’t. Attempt all the questions known to you first, to boost your confidence and then move ahead to attempt the remaining ones while keeping the track of the time in hand.

An officer should know what all is happening around the world and not just India, and hence it is important to have a thorough knowledge of current affairs, basic knowledge of other subjects as well. The aspirants should be having a technical approach to solve moderate level questions in mathematics. Having a problem-solving mind will make you able to solve moderate level reasoning questions and a good command over the English language will open aspects for better communication skills.

Therefore, you should be studying preparing for this exam while keeping the fact in your mind that these are endorsing and enhancing the Officer Like Qualities in your personality.

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