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10 Best Facilities Indian Army Officer Get

There are many professions that are considered best, but living an Army officer’s life is best in its own way. Defence life has a special taste for the people living...

There are many professions that are considered best, but living an Army officer’s life is best in its own way. Defence life has a special taste for the people living it that remaining people will never know. Apart from all the facilities they get, there is huge respect for all and the wonderful culture that exists inside the organization. 10 best facilities Indian Army officers get are mentioned below.

  1. Indian army is the only organisation that can take you to the places where you can not go even after becoming a billionaire. Army officers and their dependents can visit and live in many areas which are restricted for others.
  2. Medical services -Defence personals and their dependents get free medical services during their service tenure and even after retirement  in the military hospitals as well as in other top hospitals that are in the panel of defence  through out the country
  3. Study plans – Army provides an opportunity to study to its personals  through study leave , they offer MBA course for their retired army officers too.
  4. Sportsmanship – Defence finds best in you . If you are a sportsman, this organisation will help you to grow and achieve more in life. They have special training facilities to train their personals in a way that they not only represent their organisation but their county at international levels.
  5. Welfare programmes – welfare of  Army officers and their dependents are taken care well , in which  educational schemes , marriage funds , extra – curricular activities , mental and social wellness   are included.
  6. Other facilities – Transportation facilities , guest rooms in all cities, mess, club  , subsidised cooking gas and canteen facilities including liquor are enjoyed during the service and after retirement too.
  7. Special marriage  facility is available for defence officers in which a band along with a group of officers are sent to organise a special marriage ceremony.
  8. Benefits for dependents of martyrs – If a defence personal looses his life during his service , his family will be taken care by the organisation well. His wife /  wards will become eligible to avail respective jobs through special quota in the organisation itself.
  9. Each army officer gets a personal buddy right after they are commissioned,  who is responsible for performing many tasks for their respective officers.
  10. They get furnished gov. accommodation for free in the top cities of the country.

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  • Comment (9)
  • Some of the data presented is factually incorrect. It would do well to do better and more authentic research.

    • Yes….in 8th point stating an illogical fact is a disrespect to the martyrs itself….and the last point govt accomodation is not provided free, it may be at a lower price but each month money is cut from their salary if they take the accomodation…

  • Most facts are wrong.

    1. Firstly “personal buddy and performing tasks for their officers” is wrong.
    2. Secondly the government accommodation is not free but charged to individual officers at the government rates set for the same. Also for your info the electricity, water and furniture charges are also paid for by the officers in addition to the house rent.
    3. There is no provision for so called “respective jobs for dependents of martyrs” whatever you mean to convey with that.
    4. There is no provision of “special marriage facility” as stated by you. If any such thing is done it is purely at personal level and not on organizational level.
    5. The medical facility is not only for officers and their dependents but for all ranks of the army. However, the treatment is in armed forces hospitals and not in so called “top hospitals of the country” again whatever you meant by that. Also the for the provision of medical facility after retirement the Armed forces person are not extended that for free as you have tried to show rather they pay for it in form of something known as ECHS contribution. Please read about ECHS before writing anything on this.

    Please don’t post such factually incorrect data to mislead people of the country. Do some research before you post such articles.

  • All wrong inputs, infact factually incorrect, unfortunately gives a wrong picture of life in defence services, the gullible get lured and others think the everything is free for defence people. What a shame

  • Government would give the same facilities to police railways ias armed forces forests foreign service. Government wouldn’t be biased

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