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India-Japan Joint Exercise ‘Dharma Guardian’ to begin today

The India-Japan joint training exercise “Dharma Guardian” will take place from February 17 to March 2 at Camp Imazu in Japan’s Shiga province. According to a press release from the Ministry of Defence, Exercise “Dharma Guardian” will strengthen defense cooperation between the Indian Army and the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces, thereby strengthening bilateral ties between the two countries.

India Japan Joint Exercise ‘Dharma Guardian to begin today

The fourth edition of India and Japan’s joint military exercise “Dharma Guardian” is underway. The scope of the India-Japan joint training exercise includes platoon-level joint training in jungle and semi-urban/urban terrain operations.

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Ex Dharma Guardian 2023

The Indian Army’s Garhwal Rifles Regiment and an Infantry Regiment from Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) will participate in the joint training exercise. During the joint exercise, the armies of the two countries will share operational experiences in order to improve interoperability in planning and execution.

Dharma Guardian 2023 Japan

Notably, in the series of military training exercises conducted by India with various countries, Exercise DHARMA GUARDIAN, an annual training event with Japan, is crucial and significant in terms of security challenges faced by both nations in the context of the current global situation.

On February 12, the Indian Army contingent arrived in Japan to participate in the exercise “Dharma Guardian,” where they were greeted warmly. “The contingent of #IndianArmy arrived in #Japan to take part in Joint Military Exercise #DharmaGuardian with Japanese Ground Self Defence Forces #JGSDF beginning at Aibano Manoeuvre Area, #Japan. #IndiaJapanFriendship,” said the Additional Directorate General of Public Information, IHQ of MoD (Army), in a tweet.

Dharma Guardian 2023 Japan 2

Significance of Ex Dharma Guardian 2023

The joint military exercise will allow the two armies to share best practices in tactics, techniques, and procedures for conducting tactical operations under a United Nations mandate, as well as develop interoperability, friendship, and camaraderie between the two nations.

The joint exercise will enable the two armies to share best practices in tactics, techniques, and procedures for conducting tactical operations under a UN mandate. The training will focus primarily on high levels of physical fitness and the sharing of tactical drills,” it added. Participants will engage in a variety of missions during the exercise, including joint planning, joint tactical drills, the fundamentals of establishing integrated surveillance grids, and the use of aerial assets. The joint exercise will help both armies get to know each other better, share their diverse experiences, and improve situational awareness.

IAF C-17 Globemaster in Japan for Ex Dharma Guardian 2023

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