Parliamentary Standing Committee urges Govt to buy 5th Generation Jets

The procurement of additional fighter jets should not be delayed any longer, and a final decision on a third aircraft carrier should be made, according to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence.

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“In no uncertain terms,” the committee stated, “we recommend that the Ministry of Defence take a final decision, chart a course, and begin the planning process for the third aircraft carrier, which would eventually enhance India’s maritime capabilities.”

The committee found a considerable delay in Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s supply of 40 TEJAS jets. “The government should consider purchasing state-of-the-art fifth-generation fighter aircraft without wasting time in order to keep the force in a comfortable position,” the committee recommended.

India is eyeing on F-35 after the Aero Show 2023

According to the committee, the Navy’s request to build a third aircraft carrier has been raised several times. Two aircraft carriers are consistently required to meet threat perceptions as well as for wartime readiness and striking capabilities. The third is required because carriers have extensive maintenance schedules. The induction of an aircraft carrier is a lengthy process, and the entire budget for a carrier is not required in a single year, but rather in a staggered manner that may span a decade.

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