Meet Dipanshu CDS 2 2020 Topper AIR-2 AFA INA AIR-3 IMA

Dipanshu has achieved CDS 2 2020 AIR- 2 and AIR-3 for AFA INA and IMA respectively. In this interview, Dipanshu is sharing his life, CDS exam, and SSB interview preparation experiences for future warriors.

CDS aspirants who are looking forward to the upcoming CDS 1 2022 and CDS 2 2022 examinations can check the age limits for CDS 2022 here. The age limit factor is very important to decide if you will be eligible for the upcoming CDS exam or not. As we all know that CDS 1 2022 exam will be conducted on 10 April 2022 and CDS 2 2022 exam will be conducted on 04 September 2022. Below you can find the important details related to CDS 2022 exams.

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