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50 Latest Questions On Indian Navy Asked In SSB Interview

Jai Hind future warriors today we are look at 50 latest questions asked on Indian Navy in the SSB Interviews. Knowing about the force you want to join is a...

Jai Hind future warriors today we are look at 50 latest questions asked on Indian Navy in the SSB Interviews. Knowing about the force you want to join is a must for any SSB interview because it is a proof of your determination. It is true that you cannot cram everything about the force and no one wants you to do that, still basic knowledge is necessary and for repeaters it is a must. I have divided the questions into various headings

50 Latest Questions On Indian Navy Asked In SSB Interview

Specific to Indian Navy

  1. 10 Things you know about the Indian Navy’s New Ensign?
  2. Tell us something about India’s First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant
  3. Why Induction Of MH-60 ROMEO Helicopter Is A Game Changer For Indian Navy?
  4. Tell me about Marine Commandos
  5. 5 Top Weapons Used By MARCOS
  6. List Of Submarines Operated By Indian Navy
  7. What do you know about Indian Navy Sikorsky MH-60 Romeo Seahawk Helicopters?
  8. What are the different categories of ships that Indian Navy has and what are their roles?
  9. List Of Helicopters Used By Indian Navy
  10. What are the different categories of submarines that Indian Navy has and what are their roles?
  11. 33 Indian Navy Training Institutes And Academies You Must Know
  12. Tell me name of at least 5 ships of each category.
  13. What is the organisational structure of Indian Navy?
  14. MARCOS Commandos Training And Why It Is One Of The Toughest?
  15. What is the rank structure among the commissioned officers in all the three forces?
  16. Tell me about the features of IAC-1 Vikrant.
  17. Which was the latest submarine to be commissioned in the IN?
  18. List Of Indian Navy Multilateral And Tr-Services Military Exercises [UPDATED]
  19. How are merchant navy and Indian Navy different?
  20. How has Made-in-India fared out with regards to IN?
  21. Badges Earned By MARCOS Of Indian Navy
  22. What are the improvements you think could me made in the next IAC?
  23. Why Indian Navy Uniform Is White
  24. Tell me about the important military operations conducted by the Indian Navy.
  25. Complete List Of Indian Navy Bilateral Exercise
  26. How many commands does navy have and where are they located?
  27. If Indian Air Force already has a large number of fighter jets why does Navy need a separate one?
  28. What are your views on theaterisation of the forces
  29. In your opinion, how can the Indian Navy contribute to the pledges undertaken at the CoP 26
  30. How do you think Indian Navy protects such huge waterways?
  31. Other than the military operations how does the Navy contribute to the nation
  32. Difference Between Indian Navy And Indian Coast Guard
  33. Tell me about the recent military exercises of India
  34. Why is Indian govt. spending on nuclear powered submarines even though the diesel ones have proven themselves from time to time.
  35. What is blue water navy and what is Indian doing towards becoming one?
  36. List Of Indian Navy Military Exercises 2022
  37. What do you think can be the reason behind white uniform of all almost all navies of the world?
  38. Tell me about the Naval Heritage of India.
  39. What do you know about INS Khukri
  40. Tell me about the branches of IN and their different roles.
  41. List Of Aircraft Used By Indian Navy
  42. Is INS Arihant an attack submarine, if not then what is its use?
  43. Which is the best aircraft carrier, destroyer and submarine in the world?
  44. Tell me about Operation Trident of the Indian Navy
  45. 10 Best Modernisation In Indian Navy So Far
  46. Tell me about future ambitions of the Indian Navy.
  47. What is the role of exercises with different navies of the world, we can simply do our own exercises?
  48. What are the different type of missiles used by the Indian Navy?
  49. Tell me about the Air Arm of the Indian Navy.
  50. Why Army Navy Air Force Have Different Salutes?
  51. Which are the major Indian companies that are producing ships and submarines for the Indian Navy
  52. Ranks And Insignia Of Indian Navy [Updated]?
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Science Terminologies

  • What is the theory behind working of a ship
  • How do submarines dive and come to surface?
  • What is a torpedo and why is not a normal missile used by submarine?
  • What is SONAR and how is it useful for the navy?
  • Is RADAR used by ships, if yes then why waste money on SONAR
  • How are fighter jets able to land on such a small airstrip of the aircraft carrier?
  • What are ICBMs and how do they work?
  • What is the material used in making ships/submarines that they do not sink / sink?
SSB Interview Live Classes 3

Personal-Opinion Questions

  • How can you or your knowledge/skills will be helpful to the Navy.
  • What all can be done to made the Navy more powerful?
  • Why did you join the NCC Army or Airforce wing if you are so desperate for Navy?Or Why did you not join the NCC?
  • If selected which branch or ship would you like to be a part of and what do you know about it?
  • Suppose you are recommended for Army and Navy both which are you going to join and why?
  • How is your city related to Navy?
  • What inspired you to join the Navy?
  • In your opinion, what are the roles of Indian Navy in the face of tensions with both of our hostile neighbours?
  • For NDA Entry: Why have you not put Army/Air Force as your second choice and not INA/NDA(Navy)?


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