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100 Most Important Current Affairs Topics Asked In SSB Interview 2024

Current affairs are very important for SSB Interview because it is asked for sure. It is vital because you might have noticed, a great personality or defense officers are always...

Current affairs are very important for SSB Interview because it is asked for sure. It is vital because you might have noticed, a great personality or defense officers are always aware of all the vital issues happening not only in the country but in the world too, due to his knowledge he has some views and opinions on every topic which allows him to participate and rise in each and every discussion wherever he goes.

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Current affairs can also help you in delivering a proper lecturette, giving supreme logic while in the group discussion, and also in answering the questions asked by the interviewing officer. So, in this article, we will be sharing some of the important current affairs topics that can be asked in the SSB interviews.

Top 100 Latest Current affair topics for SSB interview

1. Ukraine – Russia War

2. What Is Bodo Accord and why it is the news recently?

3. What Is G20 Or Group Of Twenty Countries?

4. What Is AFSPA: Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, And Why Is It Withdrawn From Northeastern States?

5. What Is GSAT 7B Satellite, Indian Army Military Satellite?

6. New Technologies Developed By DRDO?

7. Why S-400 Missiles Systems Is A Game Changer For Indian Armed Forces?

8. What Is The Financial Action Task Force (FATF)?

9. What Is Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD)?

10. What Is Operation Ganga?

11. India GDP and economic state

12. India’s relation with other countries

13. Why does India needs its own medical standards?

14. Who is powerful NATO Vs Russia

15. What is the role of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in today’s time?

16. India’s Soft power and Its important in SAARC: South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation

17. Covid testing strategies in India ?

18. MI5 warning over Chinese agent in UK parliament ?

19. Why Indonesia has shift its capital ?

20. Is 5g a threat to India airlines ?

21. Water war in Indian ocean ?

22. What is P3 movement for climate change ?

23. The great resignation : new crises ?

24. How BRO is developing Indian border structure ?

25. Is it illegal to watch porn in India ?

 26. Drone attack at Abu Dhabi ?

 27. How Putin is making USSR again ?

 28.State of OTT platforms in India ?

 29. What is China – Lithuania diplomatic issue ?

 30. Ram Van Gaman project ?

 31. New combat uniform for Indian Army ?

 32. Karnataka prevention of slaughter Act 2020 ?

 33. What us CSTO ?

 34. What is sustainable farming and why is it important ?

 35. What is potash mining ?

 36. What is belt and road initiative and its current status ?

 37. What is national aerospace policy 2022?

 38. Unemployment in India , status and practices done by Gov to decrease it .

 39. How India will become  a superpower ?

 40. What is Indian red corridor ?

 41. Student startup and innovation policy ?

 42. Plan Bee , how Indian railway is saving  elephants ?

 43. Belarus VS Europe , Hybrid war in Europe ?

 44. China – Taiwan issue ?

 45. SMILE scheme In India ?

 46. What is green energy corridor ?

47. Why Punjab farmers are still protesting?

48. Is something wrong in Punjab ? ISI and Khalistan ?

49. Jaganath temple act’s amendment rules ?

50. Why stock market is increasing even during the virus ?

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51. How UPI is becoming hegemony of India ?

52. Why China is following one child policy ?

53. Why Indian dairy sector against free trade ?

54. Why China needs 7 sister( its resources ) ?

57. What is one health concept ?

58. What is earth’s black box ?

59. Coal crisis in India ?

60. US Pakistan defense ties ?

61. What is interpol , power and functions ?

62. India – China trade war ?

63. Why Wang hunting is known as the master mind of 21 century ?

64. Iran –  Israel conflict ?

65. Nepal – China relations ?

66. Will China -Pak economic corridor project end soon ?

67. What is super interceptor program of Japan ?

68. QUAD – geostrategic & geo – economic implications ?

69. Impact of global oil price on food prices

70. Is globalization ending or changing ? Pros & cons of globalization ?

71. Why cargo ships are disappearing from Chinese waters ?

72. How mid size autocratic nations are making world unstable ?

73. Saudi Arabia gov bans Tablighi Jamaat

74. ISRO signs deal with oppo ?

75. War on Tibetan Buddhism ?

76. How Israel became a high tech military superpower ?

77. Turkey currency crisis ?

78. Why economic crisis is the biggest threat to Pak ?

79. Is covid 19 omicron variant is unstoppable ?

80. What is 0 smart scheme ?

81. India – Russia defense deal ?

82. Why China is afraid of India’s Agni 5 missile ?

83. Impact of Omicron virus on global crude oil price .’

84. Project Sandesh of India ?

85. Taliban – Iran  clash at border ?

86. What is Hybrid warfare ?

87. Suatainable development goals of India

88. Why inflation rates are surging around the world ?

89. Bullet trains in India

90. RBI bans big business , entry in banking ?

91. USA or China , who is winning the Indo – Pacific region ?

92. Nagaland issue and current status in India ?

93. Lifetime cigarette band in the New Zealand?

94. Massive protest in Pakistan’s Gwadar  ?

95. What is roadmap for vaccinating teenagers ?

96. Is VI ( Vodafone – Airtel ) going to become a gov company ?

97. What is national aerospace policy 2022 ?

98. What is the gateway to hell , why Turkmenistan wants to close it ?

99. E-passports in India ?

100. How sand is going to create a new geopolitical conflict in the world ?

More topics:

  • Telecom sector in India?
  • What is teleprompter?
  • What is ABC, framework of UGC?
  • Afghanistan – Taliban issue
  • What is Sir Creek issue?
  • Why Bollywood is losing its hegemony?
  • How Saudi Arabia is becoming drug capital of the world
  • Why cryptocurrency power is decreasing?
  • State of virus in India and ways of prevention?
  • Partygate scandal in UK
  • Climate change in the world, how India is reacting?

These were some of the important burning issues that every candidate must know. It is advised to read newspapers daily and follow SSBCrackExams current affairs videos also reading articles will help candidates to increase their knowledge and hence confidence. This will not only help to ace the interview but also group discussions and lecturette . Listen and observe the issues and form your own opinions and reasons to perform well.

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